Snowed In

Kansas City is snowed in, the boys are playing a Wii game, and Lily is napping. Figured this was as good a time as any to quickly go through the pictures I took this morning, and share them with you all!

It’s been a couple of years since we got significant snow here, as in since when Lily was born! A little before 6 this morning, stuff started falling from the sky, and boy did it pile up quickly! “They” say we’re in a lull right now, and should get another 1-3 inches tonight, on top of the 10 or so we have from earlier today. The kids are loving it!

Meanwhile, Nick and some of his co-workers are trying to figure out how to get back here from a conference in San Diego. They were supposed to arrive here late tonight, but the airport is closed “until further notice”. Awesome. Thankfully, my parents are here visiting from Maine, so I’m not snowed in with 4 kids by myself!


And trying something new here, here’s a video I uploaded to the Facebook page earlier today!

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  • Sara

    Jealous of your snow! I live in VA and the most snow we’ve had in recent years was 2010 but my youngest was only 1 and was not a fan at all, as in stayed in the garage watching her sister. I’d love to have some substantial snow now for her to really play in!ReplyCancel

  • It has been awfully fun, Sara! Lily really loves it. She enjoyed some snow earlier this winter, but it was only a couple of inches. This is way more fun, and sticking around, based on the weather forecast!ReplyCancel

  • Cheryl

    Is that a cat in the snow??ReplyCancel

  • It is, Cheryl! I think he (she?) was regretting escaping his house!ReplyCancel