Yesterday morning, I happened to be walking past the door to the boys’ room when Chase woke up. He didn’t notice me in the doorway and I had the pleasure of watching him jump up, look out the curtain and give a loud gasp. There was snow! Not only was there snow on the ground (probably 3 inches at the time), but it was still coming down and the boys were pumped!

I held the little monkeys off just as long as I could, but finally around 11am I agreed there was enough snow on the ground to make the 20 minute process of getting dressed worth it. Snowy fun was had by all!




Tyler was pretty bummed when he looked out at the van at bedtime and saw it totally covered in snow again!

Papa (Nick’s dad), teaching Jackson and Chase how to shovel the driveway. Considering he was teaching them a valuable life skill, I chose to overlook the Yankees hat.

Jackson loved how fast he could go down the slide in his snow-suit!

I also shot a little video, which can now be found on our YouTube page.

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  • Nellie Bragg

    Helen, it looks like a great time was had by all! Snow is such fun for little ones. We awoke yesterday morning to about 4 inches of snow on the ground, and it didn’t disappear overnight.:) More is falling at this point. We haven’t had snow like this since 1996. After years of having to work in it as a rural mail carrier, my husband doesn’t share my excitement.:) As a retired elementary teacher, I was always very excited to have a “snow day!”:) Enjoy!ReplyCancel

  • How fun!! Great photos!ReplyCancel

  • Great captures! There’s nothing better than kids playing in the snow. Lovely.


  • It looks like your little ones certainly enjoyed the snow! We have some on the way and my girls are really looking forward to getting outside playing. It sure does take a long time to get everyone bundled up to get outside though, doesn’t it?!?!?ReplyCancel

  • Go Yankees!
    And I ♥ that they’re learning how to shovel. No need to mention there are such things as snow blowers yet 🙂ReplyCancel