Snow Much Fun!

Know what’s fun? Snow!

Know what else is fun? Finally getting some snow, and it being late enough in the season that snow related stuff (like sleds) are on clearance!

Know what else is fun? Blogging about snow when it’s sunny, 50+ degrees, and my kids ate their lunch outside.

On Monday morning Kansas City saw it’s first decent snow fall of the season. On February 13th! This winter has been crazy, I tell you! While we only got a couple of inches, it was enough to illicit a great deal of excitement from the boys. See, earlier this winter I brought home some hand me down snow pants and boots… for all three of them! We’ve never had enough snow pants to go around, and we’ve never had snow boots (we usually go the rain boot route). When you live in a part of the country that doesn’t see a whole lot of snow, I couldn’t bring myself to buy snow pants that might get used a couple of times before the winter was over.

Anyway, the boys were thrilled when we got home from a playdate Monday morning and I told them to dig out all of their gear! Did I mention we also swung by Target and picked up a sled (the boys’ first)? Thank you clearance section! Every parent I saw walking out of Target that afternoon had a sled or snowboard in their cart. I bet Target was relieved to finally see the snow too 😉

Cell phone pic

L-R: Ty, Jackson and Chase

The boys had an absolutely ball playing in our backyard! They grabbed their shovels and shoveled off most of the back deck, because when you’re 4 shoveling is still fun. After much prompting from me, Chase finally got brave enough to jump on the sled and go down the small hill in our backyard, and that was a huge hit! The giggling and squeals each time someone went down the hill were awesome, and I thoroughly enjoyed watching them live out some of my favorite childhood memories.




Ty, trying to give Chase and Jackson a push. He went a little crooked and fell several times, which made me laugh hysterically at the bottom of the hill. Clearly I’m up for Mom of the Year if I’m laughing at my child falling over! Ha!

Chase and Jackson

We all had a great time outside, and in the 90 minutes we were out there the boys never complained of being cold or wet (but I did)! Lily napped the whole time we played outside, so her snow-experience is still limited to just touching the snow she saw on the car that morning. Even though I love seeing the crocuses in my front yard, this momma is hoping for one more snow before winter is done!

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  • Glad the boys got to play in the snow. We’ve only had 1 significant snowfall this winter and my girls are itching for it to snow again. It’s been an odd winter in New England.ReplyCancel

    • You know if it’s not snowing much in NE that it’s a weird winter! Hope your girls get their snow wish 🙂ReplyCancel

  • Oh, I wish they could slide down the hill in front of our house! (Wish there was snow they could slide on – no one has been sliding on our hill since the freak storm in October.)ReplyCancel