Slow and Steady

I have another “Ways Identical Siblings Are Not Actually Identical” item to add to the list. Unlike teething, sleeping, eating and appearance, identical siblings will often not potty train the same way. Obviously after my experience a couple of weeks ago with Tyler I knew this was not the case, but I was kinda hoping Jackson would train as quickly and easily as Chase did, or at least close to it. No such luck.

It’s now been a week since we started potty training Jackson. I’m happy to report he is making progress, it’s just slow progress. Well, slower than Chase anyway. Yesterday he actually used the potty 3 times which was a record for him! I’m ecstatic and am hopeful things will really pick up speed this week. I think it helps I’m starting to pick up on his “potty cues”. Jackson does that little kid dance (knees together, kind of hopping around) just before he pees – Chase has never done that. If I catch Jackson doing that and can get him on the toilet in time he usually will go for me.

Chase I’m ready to call “done” as far as day-time training goes. He almost never has an accident and Saturday night he did great in the nursery (last weekend Nick was volunteering in there so this was the real first “test” of going for other people in a public place). Night time is still hit or miss for him. I’m suspicious he’s waking up really early (like 4 or 5am maybe) and not being loud enough when calling for us, or even not calling us at all. I’m tempted to put the monitor back in their room while we’re doing this whole PTing thing just so I can hear them when they wake up (and I say “I” because Nick can sleep through anything, including the intense t-storm at 1am this morning).

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