Six Years Ago

Six years ago it was a cold and rainy day in Maine. The rain didn’t stifle the excitement of my wedding day though!

We’ve had a lot of adventures since that day in Maine. We lived in Michigan for a few years, moved even further from “home” when we came to Kansas City and the biggest adventure of all was the arrival of Jackson, Tyler and Chase.

If someone had told me on my wedding day that in less than 5 years I’d be the mom to triplets I would have laughed in their face. How was I going to have triplets? Multiples don’t run in the family after all! I didn’t even know identical triplets were medically possible until it was happening to me.

If someone had told me on my wedding day that Nick and I would be moving even further away from New England than just Michigan, I’d of told them they were crazy. No way would I agree to that! Guess God had other plans.

If I’ve learned one thing over the last 6 years it’s to never say never. Sure, I’d like to think that we’ll get to move back east someday but I no longer put a time frame on it (like I used to). Sure, at this moment I’d like to have another baby (in the future! not now!) but I know better than to say without a shadow of a doubt that it would only be 1 baby and not 2 or 3 at once (even though the medical statistics if I had multiples again would be out of this world and would probably get us a show on TLC). Life is funny like that! I’m finding it’s better (and more fun) to just hang on and enjoy the ride.

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