Silly Things They’ve Said

The boys’ are talking all. the. time. right now. Seriously. All the time. They’re trying out new words and repeating everything. I’ve contemplated calling them The Parrots from now on instead of The Monkeys. Here are a few of the funny things they’ve said in the last week or so (at least the funny things I remembered to write down).

Jackson, while rubbing Pop Pop’s head – “Fuzzy head! Fuzzy head!”

Jackson, to Nick when he put a towel around his waist – “Daddy, you look cute!”

Chase to Nick – “Mommy has a hard time parking now.” (Little punk ratted me out!)

I said to Nick that I love it when Chase raises his eye brows, so Chase raised his eye brows several times for me.

Tyler – “Daddy lawning the mow!”

Any of the boys – “Mommy, I be a good boy and stay in bed.” Said, of course, when the exact opposite had happened.

Crazy kids keep us laughing with their words and their actions!

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