Signs of Spring

Spring has sprung here! Just look at this….

Yep, those are my spring bulbs popping up already! A few of the trees in my yard are starting to work on buds too. I normally love spring, but this year I think I love it even more.

We’ve been stuck inside all winter for which I ultimately am thankful! The boys hadn’t been sick since Thanksgiving until I had to take Chase to the Dr. yesterday because of a double ear infection and even then he wasn’t “sick”, just tugging at his ears a lot. Keeping the boys home this winter for their health has taken a toll on my sanity though.

This past weekend was gorgeous, so Nick and I jumped at the opportunity to let the boys play outside. Friday we took them to the park and Saturday we just played in the backyard. After the boys’ nap on Saturday we set up the Step 2 Coaster that was handed down to us. The boys had a blast on it! The Video Clip of the Week tomorrow will feature clips of them using the coaster, so watch for that.

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