Signs of a Rough Week

As those of you who are fans on Facebook know, last week was a rough week. By Thursday night I had reached the end of my rope. Actually, I was past the end of the rope and was now free-falling. That’s why I didn’t blog Friday. I was just emotionally and physically drained.

Later today I’ll post my Saturday Savings post. It’s been an awesome week for grocery shopping here in KC, and I’m not even done! This morning the boys and I have to hit up the Crazy Columbus Day Sale at Price Chopper, then I’ll come back and blog about all of the deals (including how I saved 80% on $84 worth of stuff at Hen House). For now, let’s take a semi-humorous look at last week…

Signs of a Rough Week

#1 – You find out Sunday night that your husband will be working very late on Thursday and it will cause you to miss the Triplet Mom dinner you’ve been looking forward to. Uh oh…

#2 – You look at the star charts Wednesday night (our chart weeks run Thurs-Wed) and notice Jackson has had at least one time out every single day in the last week. Oh my. (Conversely, Tyler didn’t have any time outs that week! He’s such a good boy.)

#3 – Thursday afternoon you come out of the bathroom to find the boys have dragged the trash can into the living room and are throwing toys, cups and lunch bags into the trash. For the first time ever, you send all three boys to time out at the same time (I’ve only ever had to send two at once before – see above about how good Tyler usually is).

#4 – Later that same evening, you tell the boys they can play until the timer goes off and then it’ll be time to get ready for bed. The house is in fairly good shape, so you decide “pick up” time won’t take long and set the timer for 7:15. While doing dishes, a child occasionally runs by and says something about Trick or Treating or Halloween. The timer goes off and as you walk into the living room you find it oddly clean… Then you walk down the hall way to the playroom and find this.

That’s not a good sign…

My little darlings had taken the cushions off the couch and dragged them, along with the toys that had been in the living room, down to the playroom. They had emptied the book shelf and emptied the toy box. They kept saying their giant mound of junk were Halloween decorations or Christmas decorations. *sigh* I was not a happy camper. It was 7:15pm and this new mess they had just created in 15 minutes time was going to take forever to straighten out! I will say this, I was extra thankful at this point that 75% of their toys were up on shelves, out of their reach.

#5 – You lose your cool with your kids. My behavior was probably similar to that of a three year old’s. I was not proud.

#6 – Your husband has to work on Friday too (his normal day off).

#7 – You beg your children to please just sit quietly and watch a movie so that you can rest, only to have two of them take their shirts off and start wrestling and climbing on the furniture. By this point I’m too tired to do a whole lot about it.

#8 – You meet your husband at the door when he comes home Friday and just burst into tears (for probably the 3rd time that day).

#9 (and the crowning glory of this saga) – a lovely pimple arrives on your face. I only ever get these when I’m super stressed, and it reared it’s ugly head yesterday. Good times.

Something struck me the end of the last week. Thursday afternoon when we were walking the boys out of school, a perfect stranger stopped to ask us if they were triplets and what their names were. We obliged and she ended the conversation with a heartfelt “you are so blessed”. We both nodded and agreed that we are, indeed, blessed.

I routinely acknowledge that I’m blessed. Usually it’s when the boys are doing something sweet or being good boys for me out in public. Why is it so darn hard to remember what blessings they are when they’re making me want to check myself into a hotel for a weekend? This week I’m going to strive for more balance in that area, by forcing myself to remember what blessings they are.

Before I leave you, I want you to know some good things did happen this week! Friday afternoon Chase was as sweet as can be, and I’ll share the story with you tomorrow. Saturday morning we had family pictures taken and the boys did awesome! I can’t wait to see what the photographer got, especially considering the last good family picture we have is from when the boys were 4 months old. And by “good” I mean we weren’t having to restrain them and seeing legs flying every which way in the picture. In face, a sneak preview picture just went up on Facebook! You should be able to see it HERE.

Saturday, I spent the rest of the day (following pictures) scrapbooking. I managed to finish off Tyler and Chase’s 1-3 year books! Woohoo! Jackson is caught up to this past Christmas and I should be able to finish his book off by the time baby girl arrives, for sure.  It was nice to take a day to myself, plus a couple of the ladies there gave me my first baby gifts – some sleepers they found at a garage sale and pink scrapbooking paper!

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  • Oh my! I’m sure hoping for you that this week is better.

    Those “Sneak Peak” pics are AWESOME!ReplyCancel

  • Auntie Laura

    wow you weren’t kidding about them making a “mountain” of toys!!! I’m so sorry you had a stressful week. I hope this week will be better and I hope that the sleep over under the “fart” will come quickly and be a relaxing and refreshing evening for you!ReplyCancel

  • That darned pimple… just the icing on the cake of a rough week. Hope this one is much better for you!ReplyCancel

  • Ohhhh…I feel for you! I was there just a couple of weeks ago and started feeling on top until yesterday when one woke up in vomit and then another followed at breakfast and another on our sofa! That was all I could handle!

    The pic on FB is Sooo Good! Absolutley amazing!ReplyCancel