Side Salad Please

My kids are weird. Look at what they had for lunch the other day…

Yep, that would be ham sandwiches, pieces of cheese and side salads. My kids are only 2, right?
For the last several months the boys have bugged Nick to share his salad with them at dinner time. He’d slip them a piece of lettuce here and there and they seemed to like it. We joked a couple of weeks ago that if we made them their own salads they probably wouldn’t eat them because part of the allure is Nick’s plate. Well this weekend Nick decided to give it a shot and see what happened… They ate the salads! (And by “salad” I mean a pile of red and green leaf lettuce, a couple of croutons and a little dressing.)
So the next day at lunch we gave them salads again…
Notice what Tyler ate first on the plate?
And Jackson ate his salad first too!
Now before you all start thinking my kids are little health nuts, think again… just the night before these pictures were taken Tyler scarfed down his fries before his chicken at Applebee’s. Maybe he knew the salad had to balance it out!

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