Short Stories and Getting Into The Spirit

Nick and I never know what’s going to come out of the mouths of these boys. Case in point would be two short stories from this morning that I’d like to share with you.

Like most parents, we kiss boo-boos and owies away. Doesn’t matter how minor the owie is, if they offer a finger, hand, face, etc and ask us to kiss it we kiss it. All that changed this morning though.

Tyler was messing around in his chair at the table and must have banged his bottom on something. Next thing we know he’s turned around, pointed at his rear end and said to Nick “kiss it”. Nick refused, so Tyler turned to me and repeated the scene. I cracked up and told him he was on his own on that one.

Not 10 minutes after the “kiss it” incident, Tyler was at it again. I was sitting at the table cooling down from my run (I did Week 4, Day 1 today by the way and it was COLD!) when Tyler climbed up in the chair behind me, which wasn’t that out of the ordinary. What was out of the ordinary though was that he was being so quiet and he wasn’t touching me.

I turned around to see what the monkey was up to and saw him holding a milk cup over my head… upside down! The little bugger had poured the rest of his milk on my hair and back! Good thing I hadn’t taken a shower yet.

Getting Into The Spirit:
We’re getting into the Christmas Spirit here and it’s quite exciting! Christmas is going to be awesome this year. The boys are so excited about everything – lights, trees, music, etc! Let’s just hope they’re excited about Santa when they see him for the first time later this week… Anyway, this year I talked Nick into decorating the outside of our house a bit. I just knew the boys would love it!

The boys definitely love the lights!
We really got into the Christmas mood on Thanksgiving night, when we all ventured to The Country Club Plaza in Kansas City for the big lighting ceremony! Nick and I have been to The Plaza to see the lights after they’ve been turned on but have never been for the ceremony, but the boys (and my sister!) have never seen the lights there period. We knew it would be fun!
(Here’s a postcard of The Plaza all lit up!)
After the switch was flipped on, some fireworks were set off. The boys had never seen fireworks before! Chase was quite concerned (you can see in one of the pictures how big his eyes were) and we were worried he was going to cry at first but then he got into it. Now every time it’s dark the boys ask for “loud pops”. I told them they’ll have to wait 8 months to see more!
(Sorry for the picture quality on these! I’d only had the camera about 24 hours and hadn’t figured out how to take night time pictures yet!)
Aunt Laura and Tyler
Nick, Chase and Jackson

Tomorrow I’ll show you some of the pictures from our attempted Christmas Card photo shoot…

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