She’s Wild! She’s Crazy!

Oh, Lily, Lily, Lily…. What am I going to do with her?! She has left me shaking my head more times than I can count lately. She makes us all laugh on a daily basis, and today she was downright exasperating! I’ll paint that lovely mental picture for you a minute though….

First up, I finally got to take her in for the 2 year well-check. We’d had to reschedule it a few weeks ago, thanks to the sickness that invaded our house. She gave the nurse and doctor a very distrustful “look” anytime they came near her, which cracked me up. When it came time for her Hep-A shot, she didn’t cry! She looked unhappy, and she squirmed, but she did not cry.

And yes. She’s still big. Hanging on at 35 pounds, which is top of the charts (obviously)!

She loves to dance (see video below):


She loves, loves, loves her brothers and anything they are doing!


She loves playing with matchbox cars, legos (yep, the tiny ones), big blocks, and Little People building sets. Basically, she likes to haul everything out, dump boxes, bags and bins and then have at it. She’s the reason our house is often is as messy as it is.

She also loves her dolls, and strollers and doll house. And she really loves her new, bright pink chair! Well, she loves when her brothers let her sit in it…. they seem to really like it too 😉

She also loves to push the limits. Yesterday it was dumping a cup of milk down the race track, and today it was running around the church like a crazy person, complete with darting out the doors when someone used the handicap button to hold them open. That was fun. Or trying to dart out into the parking lot, while I’ve got my hands full of bags, art projects, and charts. Equally fun. Guess who will be riding in her stroller for the next couple of days?

Lily is growing up SO fast right now! In the last couple of weeks she’s moved from bowls that suction to the table, to regular (kid) bowls. From straw cups, to drinking (mostly) out of regular cups. She’s given up her pacifier in one day (I had her throw it in the trash because it was cracking, and she only cried for 2 minutes at nap time later that day!). I signed her up for one day a week preschool starting next fall! She’s just growing and changing so quickly that I feel like I can’t keep up. What’s next? Pedicures?

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  • pop pop

    Helen, thank you SO much for your posts ! They really help me make it to our next visit. I remember you at her age. A real handful too !ReplyCancel

  • Me? A handful? Come on now… I don’t believe it 😉ReplyCancel