She’s Too Cute

That’s it. Lily is just too cute for her own good! Of course, the boys were too cute at this age too, and now… well, now they’re drama-filled button pushers with moments of cuteness hidden among the drama. Guess that’s why we get the cute stage – to hook us before the drama hits. Right?

Anyway, yesterday on the Three Times the Giggles Facebook page I mentioned Lily is suddenly doing some major crawling prep-work and I was going to try to catch it on video. Then she was cranky most of the day and the video thing just didn’t pan out. So this morning I tried to catch it again, and while the video below does have a couple of brief examples of her going up onto her hands and knees (something she hadn’t done until Sunday night), it’s more a video of her just being stinkin’ cute this morning!

(If you’re an e-mail subscriber, click this link to see the video on YouTube.)


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