She’s Cute & She Signs!

I finally caught some cute video of Lily showing off her signing and speaking skills! I’ve tried a few times in the last couple of months, and every time Jackson would find a way to try to video bomb it (for those not familiar with photo bombing, it’s intentionally “wrecking” a photo – he was doing that to her videos). Sunday morning though it was just us girls here at home, so I took advantage!

Before we get to the video though, look at these cute pictures of Miss Lily! Some are from just this week and some are from early July, and had gotten lost in the photo shuffle with vacation and I didn’t get to them until last night.

I came out into the living room last week to discover one of the boys had set their cup of yogurt down on the floor (in order to play Wii, of course) and Lily was helping herself.

Ok, now that you’ve “awwww’d” over her in stills, prepare yourself for motion! A couple of notes: there are some repeats, because I forgot what I’d already asked her to do, and there are other signs (and some of my favorites!) that I completely forgot to ask her to do. The “Ahhh Choo!” thing is her newest and funniest thing, and I had to throw it in there. Anytime she hears someone sneeze, she says “Ahhh choo!” to them, and it cracks us all up! With as horrendous as my allergies have been lately, she’s been saying it a lot….

(For you e-mail readers, here’s the direct link to the YouTube video:

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  • Cheryl

    YAY! Glad to see the video of her signing. Very cute!!!! Thanks! (You know I’m deaf!) and love to see those kids signing with their tiny hands! Sign language is really great especially in babies and help reduce frustrations in communicating, right? 😉


    • I knew you’d love this especially, Cheryl! Sign language has definitely been life changing in this house – first with the boys and now with Lily!ReplyCancel

  • SHE IS TOO CUTE! I want to smooch her.ReplyCancel