She Speaks!

Saturday night, as I was carrying Lily out of church and across the dark parking lot, I heard a little something…. a tiny, adorable little voice seemed to be saying something! I repeated the word and she repeated it back in the most adorable voice. (I’m biased, I know.) Then I excitedly called ahead to Nick and said “Nick! I think Lily is saying her first word!”. He came back and listened, laughed and said he thought he’d heard her say that earlier in the day too!

Aw, my sweet little munchkin is growing up! So what was the big first word? You can watch this little video to hear for yourselves! Her brothers try to dominate the screen time, but you can hear her say the word pretty clearly right at the end.

So there we have it – at 12 months and 2 weeks old Lily has said her first word, and she’s definitely Daddy’s Girl! Even though I wish the first word had been “Mommy” (it never is, is it? 😉 ), she’s so darn cute the way she says “Dad-dy” that I keep asking her to say it.

Oh, and I think Ty is gunning for his name to be the second word, because as soon as we pointed out to the boys what Lily was saying he started leaning into her face and saying “Ty Ty! Say Ty Ty!”. Crazy kid might just get lucky there – Ty Ty is pretty fun to say!

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  • She’s got it down!

    And if he’s consistent with his Ty ty indoctrination, seems likely!ReplyCancel

  • How sweet! It isn’t difficult to see how pleased Nick is with this new development.:-)ReplyCancel

  • pop pop

    pop pop is easy too…. just sayinReplyCancel

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