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Seeing Santa

Due to all the RSV hoopla during the boys’ first two years of life, they have never had the privilege of sitting on Santa’s lap (can you imagine what’s living on that red coat or fake beard of his?! Ick!). Last night they saw Santa for the first time and I can still say they’ve never had the privilege of sitting on Santa’s lap…

Kinda looks like a prison photo huh? Cracks me up how stone-faced Chase and Tyler are! When it was finally our turn in line the boys wouldn’t budge. I went and sat next to the big guy and tried to beckon them in… didn’t work.

Prior to seeing Santa at this party (thrown by our local Parents As Teachers group) we had fun dancing and singing! Although when we first arrived in that room the boys were skeptical as well…

L-R: Tyler (the model), Chase and Jackson

Our parent educator was nice enough to snap a few shots for me!

Random tangent here… I get asked a lot how we can tell the boys apart. Sometimes it’s hard for me to put my finger on certain things. I guess when you’re around them all day long you just notice the little differences. I have trouble with telling other identicals (twins and triplets) apart when I know those moms (and probably other close family and friends) can tell them apart easily. Here are the few little tips I came up with for you though…

Smiles: Tyler almost always has an open mouthed smile (he’s on the left in this picture). Jackson’s smile always seems to be the most natural looking (middle) while Chase almost always clenches his teeth together and somehow loses his upper lip in the smile (right).
Size: Tyler is visibly smaller than his brothers, so he’s usually the easiest to pick out of a crowd. Not only is he about 3 pounds lighter but he’s also about half an inch (or more perhaps) shorter.
Facial Expressions: Chase is usually very serious looking. It’s tough sometimes to get that kid to crack a smile. Tyler often stands with his lower lip puffed out, like this…

Cracks me up! I love that lip! Who knows how much longer he’ll continue to do that though. Jackson is generally happy and if he doesn’t have a blanket stuffed in his mouth, he’s usually got a goofy smile on his face (he’s very expressive with his mouth).
I hope this mini tutorial helped!

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