Seeing Santa

Last year we visited Santa with all 4 kids, and while it wasn’t a huge hit, it was memorable enough for the boys. This year, weekend after weekend passed by and we still hadn’t seen Santa. This last week Ty started really pestering us.

When are we going to see Santa? We need to see Santa! I want to sit on his lap this year and tell him what I want! When are we going to see Santa?! 

So late Friday afternoon, after the boys had put in a half-day of school and Lily had napped, we loaded up and headed to same place we saw the big guy last year. It was packed. Uh oh. The girls running the line told us we could wait in the line, but they quite honestly weren’t sure if we would even get to see Santa. Translation: Go ahead and stand in this line for a few hours, if you want to waste your time.

So we left, and promised the boys we would go see him the next morning.

Yesterday morning we went to a different store that was offering Santa photos, and the wait was MUCH shorter! Ty insisted several times that he wanted to sit on Santa’s lap with Lily this year. We got it, dude!

DSC_0100 webDSC_0104 webDSC_0106 web


L-R: Jackson, Lily, Ty & Chase

And look at this comparison (currently on our fridge!) of last year’s picture and this year’s. Nick and I can’t get over how much Lily has grown in the last year!

DSC_0109 web



And what did they ask for? Surprises! Santa told them he could handle that. 😉

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