Seeing Santa

A week and a half ago we ventured out to see Santa. This would only be the second time the boys had been to see the big guy, and they were insistent that we do it. They insisted not because they felt the need to tell him what they wanted, but because of this….

Yep, they wanted a re-do of the picture from 2 years ago. More importantly, they wanted to “Show Lily she doesn’t need to be scared.” Seriously! That’s what they said all month! “Mommy, we need to take Lily to see Santa and we’ll show her that she doesn’t need to be scared like we did in the picture in our scrapbook.”

That’s a cell phone picture of the “official” Santa picture. Ha! Here are a few of the pictures I got….

The look on Lily’s face in that one just cracks me up!

And I’m not really sure Chase’s eyes (he’s on the left) could be more skeptical of the situation.

Then the boys actually stood there for a minute and conversed with Santa about what they want for Christmas…

Jackson: “I want Hot Wheels tracks that  go on the wall!” (And of course these procrastinating parents couldn’t find that in Target when we shopped on Friday. Dang it!)

Ty: “I want a magician set!” (Cape, hat and wand purchased! Fake bunny to pull out of the hat still to be purchased.)

Chase: “I don’t know.”

Santa: “Well, I guess I’ll have to surprise you then.”

Chase: “Ok!”

And there you have it – a rather successful visit to see Santa!

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