Scheduling My Mulletted Baby

I don’t know if “mulletted” is a word, but I’m making it one. Spell-check doesn’t seem to think it’s a word, but maybe spell-check doesn’t have a baby with a mullet.

Poor baby girl! And apparently her father and brother (Tyler) think her mullet (or soon to be mullet) is cool. At least she’s still adorable from the front!

So last week I started scheduling my little girl. Fun time is over, Lily! Honestly though, we just did this for the sake of predictability and to make sure she consistently gets enough sleep. Lily was already doing pretty well, but since putting her on the sleep schedule last Tuesday she’s gotten better and better. It’s been a couple of weeks (at least) since she woke up at night!

Four times a day I swaddle her lower half (that’s all she wants now) and put her in her crib. She fusses for a minute and then spends several minutes just staring at her mobile, the slats on her crib, the fan, her hand, etc. Eventually she doses off.

This is the same schedule the boys were on and is courtesy of the book Healthy Sleep Habits, Happy Child. If you have small children and haven’t read this book, read it! Nick and I really can’t say enough good things about this book. It was a life saver with the boys and now it’s (probably) saving us from months of frustration with Lily. Here’s how Lily’s schedule looks now….

7:00 (give or take 30 minutes) – Lily wakes up for the day

9:00am – Lily goes down for nap #1

10:00am – I wake Lily up. Yep, you read that right –I wake her up. I wake her up in order to protect the longer afternoon nap.

12:00pm – Lily goes down for nap #2. This time I let her sleep as long as she wants (usually around 3 hours).

5:00pm – Lily goes down for nap #3. This one only lasts about 30 minutes before she’s up again.

7:300pm – Lily is put to bed for the night and we don’t hear from her for nearly 12 hours!

Glorious right? I’m so proud of my mulletted baby!

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  • Mulletted is a great word; you definitely need to contact Webster about that one. 🙂

    And yay! for a schedule. But you do realize that since you now posted how long it’s been since she woke at night, it’ll happen, right? 😉ReplyCancel

  • Alicenne

    12 hours! Wow! She is so adorable!ReplyCancel

  • I’ve really got to try this with my threeReplyCancel

  • We have to get Lily and Sadie together, Helen! These girls are off to a great start with Lily’s mullet and Sadie’s receding hair line…they are a pair! LOL! Fabulous job with the schedule! I apparently am still an all-you-can-eat-Vegas buffet so I’m very jealous;)! Gotta get that book!ReplyCancel

  • Monica S.

    I love the Healthy Sleep, Happy Twins book! You recommened it to me when the girls were born, and WOW was it a life saver! So… Thanks, Helen for saving our lives! Sleep, glorious, sleep! Ahhhhh!ReplyCancel

  • Thank you for sharing this information. I think it will come in handy when trying to get Wyatt on his big brothers’ schedule.ReplyCancel