Say What?

This past weekend we went to a free family festival at the trendy entertainment district in Kansas City. Quite a bit of fun was had by the boys and they even walked away with some fun “new” instruments! Chase and Ty had “drums” made out of giant pieces of pipe and shrink wrap and Jackson had a shaker made out of a couple of cups and some seeds. A couple of days after our fun outing I noticed what Jackson’s shaker said…

Yep. The cups they were using for the shakers being handed out to the kids were advertising bacardi and coke. Good thing the boys can’t read yet!

In addition to alcoholic shakers, Ty and Chase got a little radical and had their hair spray painted.

Chase on the left and Ty on the right.

They also played with worms.

To recap – at our fun, family friendly adventure, the boys played with worms, had their hair sprayed crazy colors and were given a shaker advertising Bacardi. Sounds like an awesome day to me!

(Disclaimer, it honestly amuses me more than anything that the shaker is advertising Bacardi and Coke. Sometimes my sarcasm doesn’t come across well in print.)

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