Saturday Savings – What $20 Can Buy You

Let it be known that I hate shopping at the very end of the month. I usually have hardly any money left in the budget by then! Thankfully, with a lot of planning I was able to buy enough to stuff to at the very least get us until Tuesday (the start of June), but likely enough to help get us all the way to next weekend. Everything you see below cost me $23.38. Some of that (almost $5) will come out of a different line item (charitable giving) because I was buying supplies to make a dinner for a family whose son just had surgery. Also, earlier this week the boys and I hit a farmer’s market and picked up cucumbers, zucchini and strawberries for $7.

Shredded Cheese (12oz bag)
Canned Diced Tomatoes
Canned Corn
Taco Seasoning
Cream Cheese
Hot Dog Buns

Dozen Eggs
Cheetos – 2 bags
Dutch Country Bread
Ritz Munchables
Artisan Wheat Thins
Oscar Meyer Hot Dogs – 2
1% Milk – 1 gallon
Kraft Melt Downs Cheese
Seedless Watermelon

Price Chopper:
6 ears of corn
cucumbers – 2
Hunt’s Ketchup
NorthStar Lotta Fruit Popsicles

The Deals: Let me start of by telling you how much I spent out of pocket at Price Chopper. $1.86. Sweet, huh? I had a $3 off my next shopping trip coupon from when I bought some Kellogg’s Cereal a few weeks ago! The popsicles were a bit of a splurge for the boys (Tyler shopped with me and I let him pick a frozen treat out), but they were at least more than 50% off.

At HyVee I was able to buy some snack type items, which Nick has been asking for. Also got some hot dogs for .49 each and the watermelon for $3.49 – perfect items for Memorial Day weekend! The bread (“good bread” I call it) was only .99 and I paid .79 for the Kraft Cheese Melt Downs.

Aldi had the best prices for all of the ingredients I needed to make chicken enchiladas (my gift meal) and the cheapest hot dog buns at .79 a bag.

Total Before Sales, Tax and Coupons: $55.66
Total After Sales, Tax and Coupons: $22.22 60% savings

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  • Katie

    I love your posts on how much you've saved! I grocery game, so keep up with my savings also, but haven't blogged them in a while. Also, we just recently had Aldi move to our area, so I've gotten to shop there some. I love Aldi!

    Thanks for sharing!