Saturday Savings – Testing the Organic Waters

Yesterday I dipped my toe in the Organic/All Natural waters at various grocery stores. I was pleased with the deals I found and am loving the challenge of making a price spreadsheet for Organic and All Natural stuff! Everything you see below (plus a 20oz bottle of Diet Coke because this no caffeine thing kills me some days) cost me about $79. Not too bad considering I bought some major paper products for the month and hadn’t really shopped in almost 2 weeks.

I ran to lots of different stores, but they were relatively close together so it didn’t bother me much. I also missed out on Aldi as they were closed for the holiday. That ate into my savings a bit, but I recovered nicely in some other areas.
Whole Foods:
Organic Whole Wheat Flour – 3.76 pounds
Organic Rolled Oats – 2.8 pounds
Hen House:
Organic Fuji Apples – 2.85 pounds
Dried Red Beans – 1 pound
Diet Coke – 20oz bottle
Skippy Peanut Butter
Keebler Wheatables crackers
All Bran Crackers
Robert’s Sour Cream
Bumblebee Tuna – 6 cans
Price Chopper:
Cheerios – 18oz box
Kix – 18oz box
Kashi Go Lean Crunch Cereal
Nature’s Path Organic Cereal
Cottonelle Ultra Toilet Paper – 12 pack
Eggs – 2 dozen
Baby Carrots – 2 bags @ 2 pounds each
Ground Chuck – 3.16 pounds
Clementines – 5 pound box
Skim Milk – half gallon
2% Milk – 2 gallons
Plastic Wrap
Paper Towels – 8 large rolls
Kleenex – 4
Organic/Natural Deals: Fuji Apples for $1.28 a pound seemed like a good deal (Hen House). I was amazed at how not-greasy the apples felt and how amazing they smelled. Imagine! They actually had a very appley scent! The rolled oats were on sale at Whole Foods for .99 a pound (down from $1.38 a pound). The Whole Wheat Flour was also .99 a pound (regular price). The Kashi Cereal and Nature’s Path Cereal were both clearance bin finds at Price Chopper! Both boxes were marked down to $1.19 (the boxes were slightly damaged). The milk I bought is not organic, but it is hormone free which is the best I can do right now. I found that at Target for $3.29 a gallon. Any KC folks know where I could find it cheaper?
The Other Deals: I scored big time in the clearance section at Price Chopper. In addition to the cereals mentioned above, I also snagged the Cheerios and Kix in that section! Those big boxes were marked down to $2 and $1.85. To make the deal nicer I also used a $1 on two boxes coupon. I snagged about $18 worth of cereal (4 boxes) for only 5.23. Price Chopper also had nice deals on baby carrots (2 pound bags for $1.48 each) and ground beef ($1.58 a pound). Tuna is 2/$1 at CVS this week (today is the last day!). I grabbed 6 cans and I had $1 in ECB’s, so I only paid $2 for 6 cans. Sweet!
At Hen House I managed to get both boxes of crackers for only .38 each thanks to some $1.50 off one box coupons I had printed online. Had I been able to use those coupons at Price Chopper (the PC’s I’ve been to won’t accept internet coupons worth more than $1) I could have gotten the boxes for free. At Target I picked up the box of Clementines (probably the boys’ favorite fruit right now) for $3.99 after sale and coupon. The Kleenex were also a great deal there – .74 each, normally $2.99! All of their holiday tissue boxes are on clearance. If I hadn’t overheard someone mention that at one of those price check things I never would have known as there was no sign indicating price.
Total Before Sales, Tax and Coupons: $129.87

Total After Sales and Coupons: $72.97 – 44% savings

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