Saturday Savings – Stock Up Week!

Today I did something that is normally reserved just for Black Friday. I set my alarm to get up earlier than usual (on a Saturday) just so I could get some good deals. See, HyVee was having a 12 hour sale that started at 8am this morning. I knew if I wanted to get everything I was after and be able to avoid rain checks (which I’ve had to get a lot of lately), I needed to be there early. Plus the boys had swimming lessons start up again this morning, so that really threw a wrench in my plans. *yawn* Who has some caffeine for this girl?

Yesterday, the fam and I hit Sam’s Club and Price Chopper. Beginning of the month means it’s stock up time! Everything below (plus two more gallons of milk and a twin pack of apple juice from Sam’s) totaled about $53.

Everything below came from just HyVee and totaled $42! Woo!

Sam’s Club:

3 gallons of milk, box of Goldfish, box of French Toast Sticks, bag of Tater Tots, twin pack of apple juice.

Price Chopper: Wheat Bread 2 loaves @ .99 each, Danimals Yogurt .99 after sale and coupon, Banquet Pot Pies 6 @ .39 each, carrots for $1.29 per 2 lb bag, 3 pound bag of onions for $1.49 and 7 pounds of pork loin for $12.35 ($1.79 pound). The tissues and paper towel weren’t on sale, but Nick said he needed both ASAP (he’s caught the cold the rest of us had). According to my PC receipt I saved 55% there!

HyVee: Orange Juice 2 half gallons @ .99 each, Eggs 2 dozen @ $1.09 each, Deli Ham 2 pounds for $2.99, Frozen Veggies 7 bags @ .50 each, DiGiorno pizza and breadsticks for $4.88 after sale and coupon, Campbell’s cooking soups 4 cans @ .79 each after sale and coupon, Pasta Sauce for .79, Apple Juice 3 for .88 each (these were a special mark down from $.198 at the Belton store), Kellogg’s Frosted MiniWheats 2 @ $1.49 each after sale and coupon, Kelloggg’s Cocoa Krispies 2 @ $1.49 each after sale and coupon, Malt O Meal cereals 4 bags @ .50 each, Farmland Sausage 2 @ .44 each after sale and coupons, bananas @ .39 lb, Dole Sweet Lettuce blends 2 bags @ .99 each and one bag of Dole Caesar Salad for free thanks to sale and a coupon on another bag of lettuce I bought. The mayo was on an “alright” sale at $2.50 a jar. The boys seem to not like Miracle Whip, which was all we had left here at home! The eggs, canned tomatoes and canned tomato sauce weren’t on sale, but were things I needed today.

I also swung by Target to pick up some toilet paper, paper towels (if you haven’t tried their Up & Up brand of paper towels you’re missing out!), light bulbs and deodorant for Nick.

Total before Sales, Tax and Coupons (just for HyVee and Price Chopper): $144.89

Total after sales and coupons: $63.73 – 56% off overall

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  • Kelly

    I’m always so amazed at your shopping success!! And I must add, a little jealous 😉 I have a couple questions, how did you manage to follow the sales when your boys were babies (mine are 9 months and I struggle sometimes to get to “a” grocery store, let alone when certain things are on sale and at different locations)? Also, where do you buy your meat? Thanks!ReplyCancel

    • Hey Kelly, when the boys were infants I looked into The Grocery Game service. It was $15 every two months (so basically $7.50 a month) to have all the best deals and coupon match ups laid out for me. I could log on, select what I wanted, pull my coupons and be on my way in about 30 minutes. I actually still use it because I love the convenience!

      As for meat, we are now committed to only buying locally raised, grass fed beef. This summer we bought some meat from a rancher I found online. His prices were fantastic and the meat was so good! A couple of weeks ago some people from our church gave us 1/8 of a cow. Someone had back out on some of the cow they purchased and 1/8 was left. The group decided to donate it to us. We are so grateful for their generosity and now won’t have to buy beef again until later this winter! Chicken I like to buy organic when I can find it at a decent price, otherwise I buy “smart chicken” that has been air chilled and supposedly comes from friendly farms.ReplyCancel

  • I wish I could be like you! That’s amazing! And, in case I didn’t, I wanted to thank you for the comment!ReplyCancel

  • Lauren

    Helen, I really enjoy seeing all the deals you get on groceries. I live on the west coast, so I shop at different stores, but I try to spend smartly like you. 🙂 Question for you: would you be willing to post some of your recipes for various things you get on sale? Seems silly, but I get a GREAT deal on whole chickens every few months, so I try to stock up, but I am really running out of recipes to use. I’d love to hear about your creativity with meals! 🙂 Thanks so much. I also really enjoy reading your blog; your boys are adorable and I appreciate the candid look at your life. Seems like you really enjoy life. 🙂 And congrats on the little girl!!!ReplyCancel

    • Absolutely Lauren! I’ll try to remember to post recipes more often 🙂

      Thanks for compliment!ReplyCancel

  • […] to start couponing was reading a fun blog, Three Times the Giggles, by my friend Helen. She does a Saturday Savings post every week detailing her fantastic finds at the grocery store. So one year ago this month […]ReplyCancel