Saturday Savings – Stock Up Time!

This week had some great stocking up deals! I feel set as far as quick lunches for the boys’ go and even snagged some cheap soup for Nick and myself. Gotta love soup season! Everything you see below cost $70.04. Impressive huh?

Hy-Vee Frozen Veggies – 5 bags (1 pound each)
Hy-Vee Bagged Cereal – 4 bags
Hy-Vee Oyster Crackers – 3 bags
Hy-Vee Kids’ canned pasta (whole wheat pasta) – 6 cans
Kraft Mac ‘n Cheese – 8 boxes
Bone-in Pork Roast – 8 pounds
Roma Tomatoes – 1.8 pounds
Bread – 2 loaves
Real Chocolate Chips – 2 bags
Cream Cheese – 5 blocks
Eggs – 3 dozen
Carrots – 2 pounds
Bananas – 2.5 pounds
Diced Tomatoes – 1 can
Hen House:
Campbell’s Soup at Hand – 2
Pillsbury Grands Biscuits – 2 cans
Pillsbury Crescent Rolls – 5 cans
Russet Potatoes – 5 pounds
Acorn Squash – 2 @ 3.4 pounds total
Butternut Sqaush – 1 @ 3.15 pounds
Price Chopper:
Boneless Skinless Chicken Breast – 1.8 pounds
Campbell’s Chunky Soup Bowls – 4
Kraft Velveeta Cheese 
Danimals Yogurt Crush Cups 4 pack – 3
Green seedless grapes – 2.09 pounds
Dole Iceburg Salad – 2 bags
Tyson Chicken Nuggets – 2 bags
The Deals: We’ll start with Hen House this week because it was my least expensive trip. What should have cost $28.27 there actually only cost me $1.87 out of pocket. That’s right. $1.87! Back in July Hen House had a partner deal with Kellogg’s where if you bought a certain number of participating items you would earn a $10 gift card to Hen House. I spent something like $6 for the items required and a couple of weeks ago received my gift card in the mail. Love it! Not only were my groceries there almost free, the deals were great too. The Campbell’s Soup At Hand were only .25 each (87% off), the 5 pound bag of potatoes was .98 (68% off) and the hard squashes were all 3 pounds for $1. 
Aldi had a surprising deal on eggs this week! I hadn’t planned on buying any this week considering I bought 4 dozen last week, but eggs at Aldi were marked down to .54 a dozen and don’t “expire” until mid-October. If I had more room in my fridge I would have bought more! You’ll notice milk is missing from my list this week – with all of the sickness very little milk was consumed so we still had over 2 gallons in the fridge.
Hy-Vee had great deals when it came to stocking up on stuff for the boys’ lunches! Kraft Mac ‘n Cheese was only .49 a box (51% off) and the canned pastas (think Chef Boyarde) were .68 each (42% off). I also snagged cereal for .99 a bag (50% off), oyster crackers for .88 a bag (41% off) and the Pork Roast was .99 a pound (41% off). 
I finished my shopping off at Price Chopper where I snagged the Danimals Yogurt 4 packs (3 of them) for free! That’s right – free! Back in Mid-August “ZM” commented on one of my Saturday Savings posts that Price Chopper has a free Kid’s Club and each month each child in your home (under the age of 12) receives a coupon for something free. This month the free item was yogurt! Great coupon considering those 4 packs are $2.39 each full price! Thanks again ZM!
Other good PC deals included Velveeta for $2.99 (33% off), Tyson chicken nuggets for $3.69 a bag (46% off), Campbell’s Chunky Soups for .99 each (58% off) and Dole Bagged Lettuce for .90 each (50% off). 
Total Before Sales, Coupons, Tax and Gift Card: $152.07

Total After Sales, Coupons and GC: $63.02 (59% off)

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