Saturday Savings… on Sunday!

Normally my grocery shopping is my “me time” and it happens on Fridays. This weekend however I couldn’t do it until Sunday. I had hoped my sister would be able to come over to watch the boys while I shopped (Nick works on Sundays of course), but she called me at 9am to say that she was sick and didn’t want to infect the boys.

I looked at my lists and looked at my boys and decided to go for it. I’m proud to say we went into 3 different stores, got everything on my lists, had zero melt-downs and had it all done in 90 minutes! Yeah, I felt like superwoman by the end of it.

So what did I buy and how much did I spend? Today I spent $64.86 before tax and got all this…

Whole Milk – 2 gallons
Skim Milk – 1 gallon
Maple Syrup
Bread – 2 loaves
Bananas – 4.5 pounds
Brown Sugar – 2 pound bag
White Sugar – 5 pound bag
Baby Carrots – 2 one pound bags
Graham Crackers
Egg Noodles – 1 pound
Coke Zero – 2 ltr bottle
Deli Ham – 1 pound
Edy’s Ice Cream
Frozen Veggies – 3 one pound bags
Honeycomb Cereal
Coco Pebbles Cereal
Kraft Salad Dressing – 2 bottles
Taco Seasoning packet
Ketchup – 1 bottle
Avocado – 2
Fresh Blueberries – 18oz
Gillette Shaving Cream
Dozen Large Eggs
Lite Sour Cream – 16oz
Cocoa Puffs Cereal
Golden Grahams Cereal
Trix Cereal
Triscuit Crackers
Wheat Thin Crackers
Hand Soap
Red, Seedless Grapes – 3.3 pounds
Red Leaf Lettuce
Roma Tomatoes – 1.32 pounds
Whole Chicken – 2 of them for a total of 9 pounds

In addition to today’s shopping trip, we also went to Sam’s Club yesterday for our once a month stock up on a few select items. While there we bought the following: 9 pound box of oatmeal, 4 pound box of Goldfish, 6 pound can of pineapple chunks (the boys LOVE these!), 5 pound brick of cheddar cheese, 2 large bottles of apple juice and a large box of french toast sticks. We spent $42 at Sam’s and that will be the only time we go there this month.

So between yesterday and today I’ve spent about $110 of my $310 budget for the month. This isn’t too bad considering much of the stuff bought at Sam’s will last us the whole month and I have such a good stock pile of stuff here at home already (thanks to The Grocery Game) that it should be fairly easy to spend only about $40-50 on my future shopping trips. It is typical for me to spend 1/3 of my budget at the beginning of the month, due to the Sam’s Club stock up.

My biggest thrill of the weekend was buying the Triscuits and Wheat Thins for only .88 a box! That’s right… 88 cents! Normally these boxes retail for $3.49 a piece, but they were on sale for $1.88 a piece. Plus I had a coupon for $2 off 2 boxes, saving me 75% off regular retail!

Total cost before tax, sales and coupons: $110.46
Total paid before tax: $64.86

I noticed a couple of you have signed up for the Grocery Game and used me as your referral! Thanks! I’d love to hear how the Grocery Game is working for you. If you are interested in trying the one month trial for $1, please consider saying I referred you! discjockeyhelen(at)yahoo(dot)com.

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