Saturday Savings – On Monday!

Usually I do my grocery shopping on Fridays. This past Friday was cold and rainy and Nick was working, so the idea of dragging the boys outside in the cold rain and into several different stores did not appeal to me. I fully intended instead to shop on Saturday, but when our boys didn’t sleep Friday night I was too wiped out to think about shopping. Today turned out to be a great day to shop as one of the stores here in Kansas City was having a crazy Columbus Day sale!

Everything you see below was $53.11

Asian Sensations Crab Rangoon
HyVee CFL Bulbs 4 pack
HyVee Semi-Sweet Chocolate Chips
HyVee Bread
Right Guard Deodorant – 2
Reynolds Parchment Paper
Bartlett Pears – 2.87 pounds
Whole Chicken – 3 (5 pound average each)
Price Chopper:
Blue Bonnet Margarine
Eggs – 2 dozen
Robert’s Orange Juice – 1/2 gallon size – 2
Kraft Cheese Singles
Blue Bunny Mint Chip Light Ice Cream
Canned Pumpkin – 4 cans
Nestle Hot Cocoa Mix – 4 boxes
Oroweat Bread
Farmland Bacon – 2 packages
Gala Apples – 5.4 pounds
Green Giant Baby Carrots – 2 bags
Red Seedless Grapes – 2.13 pounds
The Deals: I’d like to start by saying I lost out on a REALLY sweet deal today… I could have snagged two boxes of Cheez-Its for .48 total, but I lost my $1.50 off two boxes coupon somewhere between my house and Price Chopper (I stopped at HyVee first). What a bummer that was!
At HyVee today I  made off with the following: Pears for .88 a pound (56% off), bread for .99 (41% off), chocolate chips for .99 (50% off), deodorant for $2 each (53% off), whole chickens for .68 a pound (42% off), frozen Crab Rangoon for $1 (70% off) and the 4 pack of CFL bulbs for just $3.99 (67% off).
Price Chopper had more deals to offer due largely in part to their one day sale today. Probably what excited me just as much as the deals though (if not more!) was the sight of canned pumpkin! I don’t know if you’ve heard, but there’s a national shortage of canned pumpkin. Most stores haven’t had it since mid-summer. I’ve been keeping my eyes peeled all fall for canned pumpkin and just this morning asked at HyVee when they would get more in. They said they didn’t know, but they got some last week and it was cleaned out within a day. I was pumped to find some canned pumpkin still on the shelves at Price Chopper, so I snagged 4 cans! I’ll do some baking now with it, but will hoard a can for Thanksgiving just in case I can’t find more before then. That was an unplanned purchase that resulted in an extra $4 added to my bill, but I felt I had to take advantage.
My deals at Price Chopper included: Gala Apples for .69 a pound (65% off), Grapes for .69 a pound (65% off), Hot Cocoa Mix for .49 a box (74% off), Bacon for $1.69 a package (60% off), eggs for .69 a dozen (47% off) and Oroweat Bread for $1.24 (57% off).
Total Before Sales, Tax and Coupons: $103.05

Total After Sales and Coupons: $50.42 – 51% savings

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