Saturday Savings On Monday

The weekend got away from me, but I wanted to show you where I shopped and what I bought, in our quest for Clean Eating this month. I’m actually not even done shopping for the week yet! I have a trip to Aldi planned for today, where I’ll pick up their .89 eggs, butter, oats, and maybe a produce item or two (depending on how it looks).


Sam’s Club (not pictured, cause I was lazy)

Milk – 3 gallons

Fage plain greek yogurt – 2 containers (35.3oz each)

Price Chopper:

Eggs – 1 dozen


Old Fashioned Oats

Dried Lentils

Dried Kidney Beans

Whole Wheat Flour


Sunflower Seeds

Organic Spring Mix

Yeast – 7 packets (turned out that buying the individual packets is cheaper than buying a jar!)

Farmer’s Market:

Butternut Squash

Fry Pan Squash (2)



Apples (a couple more than pictured – Nick swiped two and cut into them before I took the picture!)

The boys and I visited  the farmer’s market Saturday morning and they loved it! It’s much smaller market then the one I’ve brought them to in the past, and I think they liked that. Plus, I bought them honey sticks from one of the vendors, so now they want to go back every weekend! Yep, I know how to play my cards. Anyway, all of that stuff at the FM ran me just $15! Plus, it all tastes so good!

The Price Chopper purchases were mostly things just to get us through another week. The sunflower seeds have been great snacks, good toppings on salads, great in granola bars and in granola. The peanuts have turned out to be a favorite snack of the boys’! They loved the challenge of cracking open the shells, and told me several times that they were “very yummy” and that we should buy them all the time.

Total (before my Aldi trip today, which will probably add $8-10): $65.70

Total for the month so far: $292.67

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  • andrea

    If you’re going to be doing a lot of baking, I suggest looking at Sams or Costco for yeast. We buy a big vacuum packed bag of it for amazingly cheap, and it lasts us about 6 months or so, give or take some depending on how much baking we do. (We often do 4 loaves a week.)ReplyCancel

    • I actually threw out one of those vacuum packed bags last month! Of course, it had probably been in my fridge for over a year…. ha!ReplyCancel