Saturday Savings, On A Sunday

Yesterday morning was the Kansas City March for Babies. It was an awesome time! More about that tomorrow though. For now I wanted to share with you all the deals I got yesterday afternoon on my weekly shopping trip! Sorry for the messy state of the table – I was in a hurry. Everything you see below cost me $60.60

Eggs – 3 cartons of 18
1% Milk – 3 gallons
Green Giant Frozen Veggies – 2 bags
Disposable foil pans
Bread – 2 loaves
Canned Pasta (ravioli) – 5
Canned Tomatoes
Evaporated Milk
Pure Vanilla Extract – 2 oz bottle
Kellogg’s Smart Start Cereal – 2 boxes
Sonora Flour Tortillas
Small Steps TP – 4 pack
Small Steps Napkins – 250 pack
Snuggle Fabric Softener – 2 bottles
Cheddar Cheese – 2 blocks
Lettuce bunches – 2
Strawberries – 3 cartons @ 1 pound each
Chicken Leg Quarters – 6.5 pounds
UpBeat Milk Beverage
Price Chopper:
Kraft Shredded Cheese – 2 bags
Kraft Dressings – 2 bottles
Vitamin Water – 2 bottles (only 1 pictured)
Yoplait Yogurt – 8 cups
Bertolli Pasta Sauce
Red Grapes – 3.24 pounds
Mission Tortillas – 2 packs
The Deals: Oh the deals this week! We’ll start with HyVee seeing as they had the most. I got the following items for free or almost free: UpBeat Milk (free with coupon), 1 loaf of bread (free with coupon), Small Steps TP (free with coupon and sale), Snuggle Fabric Softener only .67 each thanks to 2 high value coupons. Other great deals were the eggs for $1.48 for 18 eggs. At the rate we go through eggs I’m hoping the 3 cartons I bought will last us a couple of weeks. The strawberries were. 97 each (58% off), lettuce bunches were .99 each (41% off), the Smart Start cereals were $1.69 (I had two $1 off coupons), canned pastas were .80 each (32% off), the Small Steps napkins were .98 after sale and coupon (I never buy napkins unless it’s a great deal – we just don’t use them that often) and the Green Giant veggies were .60 each after sale and my two coupons (70% off). Did I mention that because my total was over $50 before my coupons that I had another 10% knocked off ($4.90 when all was said and done)?
Price Chopper also had a few good deals this week. They had some coupons in their fliers that were store coupons. It didn’t say anywhere on the flier that it was limit one, so I risked it and grabbed two fliers at the store and cut out twice the coupons. It worked! I got bags of Kraft cheese for .99 each and salad dressings for .99 each! I may head back to PC today or tomorrow and grab a couple of more of each. I also had a high value coupon for the Yoplait Yogurt (it was $1 off 8 and I received it in the mail) which brought the yogurt cups down to .18 each. The Vitamin Water worked out to .50 each after sale and coupon and the flour tortillas were .99 each.
Total Before Sales, Tax and Coupons: $114.33
Total After Sales & Coupons: $57.06 – 50% off! 

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  • brossettelewis

    question… i see that you get great deals but do you spend more through out the week or does your family eat completely (or at lest 90%) from your deals?ReplyCancel

  • Helen

    I generally only shop this one time a week. Sometimes I'll make a run to CVS for whatever their deals are that week, but it's usually just random stuff. It's rare that I make another run to the grocery store.ReplyCancel