Saturday Savings – I Love Free Stuff!

Yesterday I had one regret about my shopping. I wish I had started at Price Chopper! The Price Chopper in Belton was having a Friday/Saturday Meat Truckload Sale. It was unadvertised of course, and by the time I stopped at PC I had spent most of the remaining money for the month of August. Darn! Price Chopper disappointment aside, I did get some great stuff – including 5 freebies! Here’s what $20.23 bought me yesterday. (Note: my purchases did not include the little boys you see in the picture! They are worth far more than my budget allows.)

Eggs – 1 Dozen
Bread – 1 Loaf

500 Count Q-tips
Diet Coke – 20oz bottle
V’s Frozen Ravioli
Ritz Crackerfuls
Ritz Crackers – 2 boxes
Artisan Wheat Thins
Diet Coke – 20oz bottle
Green Grapes – 2.34 pounds

Price Chopper:
Tony’s Pizza For One – 2
Robert’s Orange Juice – 1/2 gallon
Farmland Jumbo Hot Dogs – 2 packages
Baby Carrots – 1 pound
Toilet Paper – 4 pack
Gala Apples – 3 pound bag

The Deals: I know you’re all wondering what my 5 free items were this week! Both bottles of Diet Coke, the Q-tips, the Ritz Crackerfuls and the Wheat Thins were all free this week saving me $9.49 right off the top. The Diet Cokes were free because of the My Coke Rewards points I had collected. The Q-tips were free because of my CVS Extra Care Bucks. The Ritz Crackerfuls and Wheat Thins were free because of some coupons I had (buy a box of Ritz and get one of the above items for free). 
Other good deals included the Tony’s Pizza’s for .50 each (70% off), grapes for .88 a pound (40% off), hot dogs for $1 each (50% off) and the Ritz Crackers I had to buy in order to get the freebies were 2 for $4 (45% off). 
I am finishing the month about $1.50 under budget ($310 for the month including groceries, toiletries and paper products). Yay me! Tuesday or Wednesday I will make a quick milk run and then we should be good to go until next Friday.
Total Before Sales, Tax and Coupons: $43.83

Total After Sales and Coupons: $19.26 – 56% off!

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