Saturday Savings – Coupon Free Shopping

I know, I know. Today is Sunday. Yesterday I had very important business to take care of though, so didn’t have a chance to blog. The important business? Scrapbooking! I’ll share a few of my favorite layouts from yesterday later this week. For now, lets discuss how much food I bought this weekend for only $18.70 out of pocket cost. (Holy blurry picture! Sorry ’bout that. I was in a hurry and didn’t double check to make sure it was ok. Lately, I’ve been using a lens that doesn’t auto-focus.)

Ice Burg Lettuce
Jennie O Deli Turkey – 1 pound
Banquet Pot Pies – 5
Whole Wheat Pasta – 2 boxes

Price Chopper:
Ground Beef – 2.7 pounds
Grapes – 2.5 pounds
Shredded Cheese – 3 bags
Eggs – 2 dozen

1% Milk – 3 gallons

The Deals: So how did I get all that for $18.70 out of pocket? Well, the deals I picked up at HyVee and Price Chopper were pretty good as it was, but then to buy the milk at Target I cashed in one of the $10 Gift Cards I earned by filling a prescription there. I like to save those cards for times just like these: the end of the month is here and so is the end of my monthly grocery budget, but I’d really like to pick up enough stuff to get us through to the next weekend.

At HyVee the lettuce was .59 (65% off), the pasta was .77 a box (51% off), the Jennie O Deli Turkey was $1.49 a pound and the pot pies were .39 each (60% off). At Price Chopper I picked up the ground beef for $1.49 a pound, grapes were .97 a pound (72% off), eggs were .88 a dozen (41% off) and shredded cheese was .98 a bag (48% off).

The below figures takes into account that I got my milk for free. Those gift cards are almost like a giant coupon, but technically speaking, I shopped yesterday and didn’t use one coupon. That’s the first time in a looooong time that’s happened!

Price before sales, tax and gift card: $48.78
Price after sales and gift card: $17.29 – 71% savings

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