Saturday Savings – An Awesome Week!

I did some serious running around yesterday, but it paid off in a big way… especially when it came to collecting canned goods for Cans For Comments! You guys are rocking the comments this week, so I decided to start buying non-perishables now so as to ease the blow a bit (plus there were some sweet deals). Check out what I bought yesterday for $44.58!

And these 25 cans (pictured on the right hand side of the table) are going into my Cans For Comments stash!

Hot Dog Buns – 3 bags
Roaster Pan
2% Milk – 2 gallons
Sweet Potatoes – 3 pounds
Gala Apples – 3 pounds
Bananas – 2.8 pounds

Pepperidge Farm Stuffing
Potatoes – 10 pounds
Swanson Broth – 4 cans
Del Monte Canned Veggies – 8 cans
Campbell’s Cream Soups – 4 cans
Dial 14 bar package of soap – Not Pictured Above! 

I Can’t Believe It’s Not Butter Baking Sticks – 1 package
Green Giant Steamers Veggies – 2 bags
Ocean Spray Cranberries
Ocean Spray Cranberry Sauce
Nature’s Pride Whole Wheat Bread

Hen House: 
Libby Canned Veggies – 4 cans
Celestial Seasonings Tea – 1 box
New York Brand Texas Toast – 2 boxes
Bird’s Eye Steamfresh Veggies – 1 bag

Price Chopper:
Kraft Ranch Dressing – 2 bottles
Best Choice Canned Veggies – 6 cans
Wheat Thins – 1 box
Best Choice Cream Cheese – 3 boxes
Scouring Pads – Twin Pack

The Deals: So let me give you a quick run down of why on earth I would visit so many stores. I had to go to the bank and it was the only time I could do it in the next week without having to drag the boys with me. Because of that errand I was going to be on the side of town with the “good” Aldi, Hen House and Super Target. Considering I’ll need 50+ non-perishable items for Cans For Comments and there were good deals on canned veggies scattered at several stores, I thought I better take advantage. Plus, all the stores I visited are all along the same road, so the gas spent is minimal.

Speaking of canned goods – I managed to only pay $6.86 for all 25 cans that’s 72% off the $24.80 total they would have cost had I not shopped with coupons and sale prices! The 4 cans of Libby’s were only .28 total at Hen House, the Del Monte Vegetables at Target worked out to .20 each (I stacked a $1/6 Target coupon with a $1/8 Manufacturers Coupon), the Swanson’s Broth was .43 each, the Campbell’s cooking soups were .39 each and the Best Choice canned veggies were .37 each.

Other, non canned goods deals, included: Hot Dog Buns for .20 each (clearance at Aldi!), sweet potatoes for .30 a pound at Aldi, Texas Toast for .68 each (79% off) at Hen House, Kraft Dressing for .99 at Price Chopper (thank you clearance cart!), Wheat Thins for .67 (81% off) and cream cheese for .47 each (68% off). Deals at HyVee included, fresh cranberries for .99 a bag, canned cranberry sauce for .79, Nature’s Pride 100% Whole Wheat Bread for .99, I Can’t Believe It’s Not Butter Baking Sticks for .67 (76% off) and Green Giant Veggie Steamers for .60 each (70% off).

Total Before Sales, Tax and Coupons: $101.43
Total After Sales and Coupons: $41.03 – 60% off!!

It’s been a FANTASTIC Cans for Comments week here! Today is the last day (until midnight tonight) that your comments (both on old and new posts) will count towards our can total. Next week I’ll give a final tally of all the food we raised here as well as on the other blogs taking part this week (that list can be found HERE – please visit and comment on those blogs too!).

As of this morning, Three Times the Giggles has had 60 comments left this week!

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