Saturday Savings – A Weekend Off

I took this weekend off from grocery shopping. It’s the very end of the month and I have a good enough stock pile that I could afford to. Early next week I’ll bring the boys to Aldi to pick up some milk, bread, eggs and bananas and that should hold us over until next weekend.

Last weekend I mentioned we were heading to the Farmer’s Market in downtown Kansas City. I think we went a tad bit too early… 75% of the stuff out wasn’t edible. We saw lots of flowers, hanging baskets and garden plants but not a whole lot in the way of fresh fruits or veggies. That doesn’t mean our trip was a waste though!

For $7 I was able to buy the following: a pint (or so) of grape tomatoes, a large bag of mixed lettuces, a large bunch of asparagus and 4 lemons. Obviously the lemons were not grown here locally, but the price was right (i.e. cheaper than in the stores) so I bought some.

Those fresh veggies tasted great with our meals this past week! The boys even tried the asparagus and didn’t seem to mind it too much. Next weekend is the Berry Festival at the Farmer’s Market and I’m planning on hitting that up. Nothing sounds better than fresh berries right now, except maybe farm fresh berries that will taste better and cost less than berries found at the grocery store!

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