Saturday Savings – A Week Off

Know what’s an awesome perk to all of the awesome deals I’ve scored the last two weeks? My freezer and pantry are still packed full and my fridge is nearly full! That means I get to take a week off from grocery shopping! Woohoo!

On Thursday, I had Nick pick up some organic pears at Whole Foods. At $1 a pound I couldn’t pass it up, especially considering he was already there.

Later today we’ll stop by Sam’s to buy milk and I’m going to swing by our local Price Chopper because they’re having a truck load sale – Jonathan apples for .99 a bag (3 pounds!) and potatoes for .69 a bag (5 pounds!). And who am I kidding? I’ll probably buy some butter and chocolate chips because I have lots of pumpkin to cook up and I would love to make some pumpkin chocolate chip cookies this weekend. And maybe apple crisp with the apples…. I’m ready to bake!

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