Saturday Savings – A Two Parter

Considering Friday was the last of July and today is the first of August I decided to do my shopping in two parts. Yesterday I spent the remaining $28 in my July budget and today I dipped into my August budget by $19. I debated (for only a minute) not shopping yesterday and then just being able to brag that I came in $28 under budget for the month, but decided it would be better in the long run to not have to spend a bunch of money on the first of August.

So here’s what I bought yesterday for $29.65….

And here’s what I bought today for $19.37

And here’s what it included!

Peanut Butter
Chicken of the Sea Tuna – 4 cans
Apple Juice
Wonder Bread
Quaker Chewy Granola Bars – 2 boxes
Peaches – 2.25 pounds
Red Seedless Grapes – 2.10 pounds

Whole Milk – 2 gallons
Skim Milk – 1 gallon
Bananas – 2 pounds
Cooking Spray
Sugar – 5 pound bag

Price Chopper
Pop Tarts – 1 box
Cinnabon Bars – 1 box
Dawn Pure Essentials – 2 bottles @ 24oz each
Grape Nuts Cereal
Raisin Bran Cereal
81% Lean Ground Beef – 3.9 pounds
Blue Berries – 4 pounds
Corn on the Cob – 6 ears

The Deals: Yesterday I was able to do my grocery shopping on the Kansas side of the state line, so was able to pick up milk myself ($2.10 and $1.92 a gallon). I also needed a couple of baking supplies (sugar and cooking spray) so snagged those at Aldi too.

HyVee had a couple of nice deals using the coupons in their weekly sales flier. I will likely go back today or tomorrow to take advantage again. The store brand peanut butter, apple juice and Wonder Bread were all just .99 with the coupons. The tuna was on a good sale at .59 a can (seems like just yesterday I considered tuna at .37 a can a great sale – where’d those days go?) and the peaches were 50% off at .99 a pound.

Price Chopper gave me some of the highest savings this week, which is why I split shopping there over two days. I paid .49 for the Pop Tarts (78% off) and only $1 for the Cinnabon Bars (64% off). The bottles of Dawn Pure were normally $2.99 but I paid .99 a bottle (67% off). The blueberries were a great deal again, working out to just $1.90 a pound. I still have plenty of frozen blueberries from the great sale a few weeks ago on these, and now I’ll have 4 more pounds to freeze. I may go back to PC again this week to buy 2 more contatiners (there’s a limit of 2). It would be great to have a nice stockpile of berries to get us through the winter!

Speaking of stockpiles, I feel like I’ve got a pretty good one going right now! As a result my weekly shopping trips are likely going to start to look a little funny and sparse when it comes to what you would think are the “staples” you would think I’d need to buy each week. The beauty of this stockpile though is that I won’t have to pay full price (or even a mediocre sale price) for much of anything because I’ve stocked up when it’s been at rock bottom prices!

Total Before Sales, Coupons and Tax: $87.52
Total After Sales & Coupons: $46.26

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