Saturday Savings – A Pictureless Post

No picture today, because when I got home with the groceries Jackson started melting down so I figured that wasn’t the time to carefully lay out all my treasures on the table and snap a picture. Today you’ll have to read the list of my finds 🙂

Baby Carrots – 2 bags @ 1 pound each
Sweet Potatoes – 3 pounds
Cheese Curls
Eggs – 2 dozen
Ice Cream Cones
Peanut Butter – 2 jars
Tomatoes – 4 pack
Honey Mustard
Cinnamon Graham Crackers
Butter – 2 boxes

Frosted Mini Wheats Minis – 2 boxes
Johnsonville Bratwurst – 2 packages
1% Milk – 2 gallons
Bananas – 4.75 pounds
Strawberries – 4 pounds
Pork Chops – 6 pounds

Price Chopper:
Beef Rump Roast – 3.11 pounds
Blue Bunny Ice Cream – 2 boxes
Potatoes – 5 pounds

The Deals: Aldi had some nice produce deals this week, with the bags of baby carrots ringing up at just .49 each and the 3 pound bag of sweet potatoes was only $1.59 (.53 a pound). If you’re looking at buying little ice cream cones to have at home this summer too, Aldi is the place to pick them up! A box of 12 cones (cake cones or sugar cones) is only .89, versus $1.50 I saw at Price Chopper and HyVee.

At HyVee I snagged the Frosted Mini Wheats boxes for $1.50 each after sale and coupon. The bananas were .38 a pound and the flat of strawberries was $3.99 ($1 per pound). The packages of Johnsonville Brats were $2.50 after coupon and the Pork Chops were a great deal at $1.79 per pound (55% off).

Price Chopper has a good deal on Beef Rump Roast at $1.99 a pound (50% off) and an excellent deal on Blue Bunny Ice Cream for only $1.49 a box! (limit 2) The 5 pound bag of potatoes was only .99.

Price Before Sales, Tax and Coupons: $116.92
Price After Sales and Coupons: $61.37- 48% off

It should be noted that yesterday I only used 2 coupons in my trip and still managed to save 48% and get lots of great stuff! Don’t let the fact that you don’t have many coupons yet deter you from trying to save lots of money at the grocery store!

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