Saturday Savings – A Great Day to Shop!

Let me tell you this right now – if you have a HyVee in your area and you have not yet been today, get there quickly! They’re running a 12 hour sale today (8am-8pm) and have some fantastic deals. Check out what I bought today for $42…

Orange Juice – 2 half gallons

Chicken of the Sea tuna – 2 cans

Little Debbie Snacks – 2 boxes

Kleenex Tissues

Lysol Spray

Rotisserie Chicken from deli

HyVee shredded cheese – 5 bags

Kraft Cheese Sticks – 5 bags (12 ct bags)

Red Grapes – 2.82 pounds

Plums – 2.37 pounds

Smart Chicken (whole, natural chicken) – 4 pounds

The Deals: The following are part of the 12 hour sale today: Deli Rotisserie Chicken for $3.99 (43% off), Little Debbie Snacks for .88 each (45% off), Kraft Cheese Sticks are $2 a package (55% off) and if you buy 5 of them (which I did) you get a $5 coupon good for your next HyVee shopping trip, HyVee shredded cheese for .99 a bag (50% off) and HyVee OJ for .99 each (55% off). Other good deals happening at HyVee are plums for .98 a pound, grapes for .99 a pound and tuna for .48 a can (limit 2 cans).

I had a few “extras” thrown in this week, meaning I didn’t get them at an incredible deal but either needed them now (the tissues and lysol) or knew I had the extra money in the budget (the chicken).

Total Before Sales, Tax and Coupons:$74.47

Total After Sales and Coupons: $40.39 Plus I earned that $5 coupon good on my next trip!

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  • Oh my goodness!! I take a break from blogging for a month and look all that I miss!! CONGRATULATIONS!!! How long till you find out if you’re having a girl or a boy (or are you going to wait for the surprise?) I’m so happy for your family! (And I realize this comment has nothing to do with this actual post) 🙂ReplyCancel