Saturday Savings

A lot of shopping happened this weekend, but it’s the beginning of the month (which means a trip to Sam’s Club) and I was out of virtually all baking supplies! As you can see, I had to break it into 3 different pictures… The first is what I bought at Hy-Vee and Price Chopper. The second is what I bought at Sam’s Club. The third is what I bought at Aldi (I forgot to include the Hen House items!).

Total Spent was $97.29 (which is great! Usually the first weekend of the month we spend closer to $115)

Here’s what I bought!

Diet Dr. Pepper – 2 lt bottle
Cream Cheese – 2 packages
Margarine – 2 packages (this stuff is great for baking with and it’s cheap!)
Chocolate Chex cereal
Fiber One bars – 2 boxes
Premium Saltines – 2 boxes
C & H Sugar – 4 pounds
Del Monte No Salt Added canned tomatoes – 3 cans
Dole bagged salad
Black beans – 1 pound bag
Angel Hair pasta
Baking chips (chocolate and peanut butter) – 2 bags

Sargento Salad Finishers – 1 bag

Cameo Apples – 3 pound bag
McCormick Grill Mate Seasoning
McCormick Vanilla Extract
Crystal Light – 3 boxes
Ritz Crackers – 3 pound box
Cheddar Cheese – 5 pound brick
Apple Juice – 96 oz bottle, 2 of them
Canned pineapple – 6 pound can
Canned peaches – 6 pound can
Quaker Quick Cooking Oats – 9 pound box
Whole milk – 3 gallons
Skim milk – 1 gallon
Bread – 2 loaves
Eggs – 2 dozen
Frozen Veggies – 2 bags
Flour Tortillas – 2 packages
Lemons – 2
Flour – 5 pounds
Bananas – 3.5 pounds
Pork chops – 3.8 pounds

The deals: Hooray! Milk prices have dropped yet again! Nick just picked up milk for me at Aldi and whole milk is down to $2.20 a gallon! The Crystal Light was a nice snag at an average of $1.32 a box. Normally it’s $3.22 a box which means I saved 57%. The Vanilla Extract was a nice .88! It was already marked down from $3.33 to $1.88 and I had a $1 off coupon, saving me 74%. The Chocolate Chex was $1.25, which was 64% off. The saltine crackers were .99 each which was 65% off the regular price of $2.89 a box. The pork chops were 46% off at only $1.89 a pound.

Pretty good deals this week!

Total before sales, coupons and tax: $152.94
Total after sales and coupons: $91.55

Sunday AM – I can’t believe in my haste to post yesterday evening that I forgot to say the Diet Dr. Pepper was FREE! Watch the deal posts on sites like Money Saving Mom and Frugal Freebies and Deals and you too could be swimming in freebies 🙂

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