Saturday Savings

Yesterday’s shopping trip was a little lighter than usual. I was shocked when scanning over my Grocery Game lists to see so few “stock up” prices! I’m not done shopping for the weekend yet, as I still need to get to Aldi to buy milk (3 gallons of whole and 1 gallon of skim) and eggs – that will add about $12 to my shopping total for the week.

All that stuff over there to the right cost $36.32 and here’s what it includes:

Special K Cereal – 2 boxes
Clementines – 5 pound box
Post Selects Cereal – 2 boxes
Wheat Thin Artisan Crackers – 2 boxes
Dannon Yogurt – 6 containers
Hothouse Tomatoes – 2.13 pounds
WestPac Frozen Veggies – 4 bags
Oscar Meyer Hot Dogs – 2 packages
Lipton Cold Brew Pitcher Size Tea bags – 2, 22 count boxes
Imperial Stick Margarine – 2 boxes
Strawberries – 4 pound box
Lean Ground Beef – 2.77 pounds

I love that I was able to get so much produce yesterday – both fresh and frozen!

The Deals:

Strawberries have become a recent favorite of the boys’, so I knew I couldn’t go wrong with that purchase. Normally those 4 pounds of berries retail for $12.99, but I snagged them for $5.99! I’ll be cutting and freezing about half of them for future use as I know the boys and I (Nick hates berries) can’t finish them before they’d start to spoil.

I snagged those two boxes of Lipton Tea for only .50 each! How? They were on sale for $1.50 each at the one store in town that doubles coupons (Hen House), and I just so happened to have two .50 off coupons so when those doubled it brought the price to just .50 per box! Normally those boxes retail for $3.07 each, so I saved about 84% on those.

The Clementines normally sell for $9.99 a box at Price Chopper. I think that’s highway robbery, but it is what it is. The Clementines were on sale for $4.88 this week and then I tacked a $1 off coupon onto that and paid only $3.88 and saved myself a nice 61%.

The new Wheat Thin Artisan Crackers (which are quite yummy by the way!) normally retail for $3.54 a box, which is a price I would never pay for crackers. However, they were on sale for $1.59 a box and I had a $1/2 coupon, so paid only $1.09 a box – that’s 70% off!

My last really big deal was the Dannon Yogurt. Normally if I buy yogurt I buy one large container of plain and then mix fruit into it, but with a price this good I thought I’d go ahead and buy the small, flavored containers. Normally the Dannon is .73 a piece. They were on sale for .29 each AND I had a coupon for .75 off 6. I paid .17 a piece for those – that’s 76% off!

Total cost before sales, coupons and tax: $77.92
Total cost after sales & coupons: $33.23

Total Saved! $44.69 or about 57%

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