Saturday Savings

A lot of shopping happened yesterday morning! First we took our once a month trip to Sam’s Club and then I took Tyler for a whirlwind shopping trip to Walgreen’s, Aldi, Hy-Vee and Price Chopper.

Here’s what we bought at Sam’s

And here’s what I bought on the rest of my shopping trip

Total spent yesterday? $133.07

Once again, I spent about 1/3 (or just over in this case) of my budget at the beginning of the month. Our trip to Sam’s Club is what really pushes the number high, but I only have to buy those things once a month so it’s not so bad in the long run.

Sam’s Club:
5 pounds of Cheddar Cheese
Box of French Toast Sticks
2 giant cans of fruit
2 giant bottles of Apple Juice
2 boxes of Instant Yeast
Total cost was $61.49

We normally don’t buy OxiClean (which was $16) and instead buy a 9 pound box of Oatmeal, but lately the boys aren’t interested in Oatmeal but they are interested in making serious messes of their clothes! The yeast was also a new purchase, but with all the baking I’m doing I’ve been buying strips of yeast all too often, so this was a good move.

All other stores:

Tide Detergent
Whole Milk – 2 Gallons
Skim Milk – 1 Gallon
Plastic Wrap
Sugar – 5 lb bag
Bread – 2 loaves
Cooking Spray
Bananas – 3 lbs
Flour Tortillas
Disney Shaped Pasta
Cinnamon Graham Crackers
Red Grapes – 2 lbs
Winterfresh Gum
Frozen Veggies – 3 bags
Freschetta Frozen Pizza
Hy-Vee Brand Cinnamon Toast Crunch Cereal
Post Honeycomb Cereal
Hy-Vee Tomato Sauce – 4, 8oz cans
Ocean Spray Light Cran Grape Juice
Skippy Peanut Butter
Cascade Dishwasher Packs
Cascade Crystal Clear (like Jet Dry)
Aluminum Foil
Shredded Mozzerella Cheese – 3 bags (1.5 pounds)
Carrots – 2 lbs
Bag Salad – 2 bags
Red Peppers – 2
Boneless, Skinless Chix Breast – 1.75 lbs
80% Lean Ground Beef – 4 lbs
KC Masterpiece BBQ Sauce – 2 bottles
Van Camp’s Pork and Beans – 4 cans
Breaburn Apples – 3.8 lbs
Russet Potatoes – 10 lbs

Some of my notable “deals” include; getting the Cascade Crystal Clear for Free! Normally that product is $3.35, but I received a coupon in the mail (along with a bunch of other coupons) to try the product for free! How did I find that coupon? Sites like Money Saving Mom and Frugal, Freebies and Deals are constantly posting links where you can sign up for a special coupon, free sample or even a free magazine subscription (I receive both Parenting and Parents magazines for free every month!). Check those sites out, or better yet subscribe to their daily updates and start signing up for the freebies. I also paid only .98 for the Ocean Spray Juice – thanks to my coupon and the sale that’s 72% off the regular price. Another freebie for me was the Winterfresh Gum. A few weeks ago there was a coupon in the Sunday paper offering a free pack of gum. The ground beef I bought was a good deal too at $1.49 a pound – that’s almost 50% off! My last really notable deal was my 10 pound bag of potatoes for only $1.89 – normally $4.99.

Total these items would have cost at full price before tax? $95.14
Actual Paid before tax? $67.92

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