Saturday Savings

Been a while since I posted one of these! Life has just been chaotic since about Thanksgiving, and when it’s not chaotic (for all of 10 minutes) I’m exhausted. Last week I even gave up control of most of the shopping and let Nick and the boys go to HyVee for me. It’s hard for me to give up that control, especially when Nick doesn’t understand all of my list notes and comes back with the wrong quantities or brands. You know what though? So what if he spent $5 more than I would have, or didn’t buy as many jars of peanut butter as I wanted him to! He was sweet enough to offer to go grocery shopping with the boys so I could have the 30 minute break. I’ll take it!

Thursday I did a lot of shopping while the boys were in school and I love all the fresh produce I picked up! Everything you see below cost me about $60. Chase (I think that’s the back of his head) was also excited to see all the loot…


International Delight Creamer

Yoplait Simply Go-Gurt – 2 boxes

Folgers K-cups

Kellogg’s Cereals – 3 boxes

Electrasol Gel Tabs – 1 box

HyVee Shredded Cheeses – 7 bags

Red Potatoes – 5.22 pounds

Carrots – 2 pound bag

Whole Pineapple

Dole lettuces and baby spinach – 3 bags

Kiwi – 10

Oranges – 4 pound bag

Hen House:

Dawn dish soap

Bounce Sheets

Charmin Toilet Paper

Best Choice Saltines – 2 boxes

Bananas – almost 5 pounds

Peppers (red, yellow and orange) – 5

Windshield Washer Fluid

The Deals: This week was a lesson in paying close attention to what’s on sale where and what coupons I had on hand. Initially I had the Bounce Sheets and Charmin on a list for Price Chopper, but then I noticed those items were on sale for the same (or cheaper!) price at Hen House and Hen House would double my coupons. The bag of oranges was actually .20 more at HyVee than it would have been at Price Chopper, but my Price Chopper list was down to only a couple of items and I decided I really could pass on them this week to save some time. Paying an extra .20 at one store in order to save myself a trip elsewhere was well worth it. The Electrasol Gel Tabs would have been .50 cheaper at Hen House, but I had a suspicion the Hen House I was heading to would be sold out, so when I saw them in stock at HyVee I made the choice to buy them there. Turned out to be a good call, because Hen House was indeed cleaned out!

Sweet produce deals this week included the peppers at Hen House for $1 each, the pineapple at HyVee was $1.99, Kiwi were .20 each, red potatoes were .69 a pound and the Dole salads and baby spinach bags were .99 each.

Total Before Sales, Coupons and Tax: $109.48

Total After Sales and Coupons: $54.44

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  • Wow! Awesome deals!!ReplyCancel

  • Go, you! I have become a little coupon-crazy myself. We try to purchase a lot of organic foods, so if I can get my toiletries and cleaning products for free, I don’t mind the extra cost of healthier foods. I LOVE going through the ads Sunday morning… it’s just hard finding the time to find all the deals, clip and organize coupons (and then actually get to the store before the sales are over!)ReplyCancel