Saturday Savings

Last night I spent an exciting Friday night at HyVee and Target. By myself! I got home rather late though (thanks to forgetting a $6 coupon at home and having to drive back here – DOH!) so I didn’t bother setting everything up for a picture. You’ll just have to imagine the pile that would have covered my table…

HyVee: Eggs – 3 dozen at .88 each, pudding – 2 boxes at .33 each, tortillas – 2 packages at $1 each, rice cakes for $1, Kraft Deluxe Mac & Cheese dinner – 2 boxes at .95 each (sale and peelie coupons on the boxes), Velveeta Shells and Cheese – 2 boxes at $1 each (sale + coupon I had), Peter Pan Peanut Butter – 5 jars at .98 each, Shout 60 oz refill bottle at $3.63 (sale + coupon), butter at $2.29, potatoes – 5 pound bag at .99. Total Spent $18.80 (I used the $6 off coupon I earned at HyVee a couple of weeks ago, which really helped bring my total down.)

Target: It’s not often I buy much at Target, but last night I knew I could get some sweet deals by using the coupons Target had sent me. I love Target coupon books! I’ve received two in the last couple of weeks and one of them was full of coupons that could be spent on any brand (like “save .75 on any brand of chips”). Thanks to those coupon books and some sales I did pretty well and was able to get a slightly lower price on a few things we needed but weren’t really on sale elsewhere.

Palmolive – 30oz bottle at $1.99 (Target coupon), Bounce Drier Bar – 3 month size at $3.50 (manufacturer coupon), Doritos – normal sized bag for $1.25 (sale + Target coupon), Green Giant Baby Carrots – 1 pound bag at .49 (sale and Target Coupon), Jack o Lantern Cookie decorating kit – $1 (thought it would be a fun “project” for the boys this weekend), Bananas – 2.5 pounds for .29 total (Target Coupon), Shredded Cheese – 1 bag at $1.59 (sale and Target Coupon), Cream Cheese at $1.69, canned tomatoes at .64, Hefty Trash Bags – 50 count at $5.49 (sale and Target Coupon), Charmin Toilet Paper – 18 count Mega Roll pack at $11.48 (normally $18 but on clearance plus a Target coupon!). Total Spent: $31.91

Total Before Sales, Tax and Coupons: $97.56

Total After Sales and Coupons: $46.12 – 53% off

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