Saturday Savings

No picture this week. I had quite the adventure on my way to the grocery stores yesterday, and it set me back a solid hour. By the time I got home I needed to just scan (I take part in the National Consumer Panel) and put my groceries away so I could get dinner started.

First, the adventure (because it’s a good one). I was driving down the highway and in the process of changing lanes when I suddenly noticed a block of wood (probably a 2×4 about 8 inches long) sitting in the road. I did my best to avoid it, but managed to hit it with my front, right tire. The tire sent the block of wood flying back behind me and it hit the windshield of the car about 30 feet behind me, in the other lane. Oh dear.

I wasn’t entirely sure if this would be something my insurance would have to cover (the other car), but I knew I had to at the very least pull over to see if the people behind me were ok and to make sure I hadn’t just blown out a tire myself. The car that was hit pulled off to the side of the road behind me and I jogged back to see if they were ok. I noticed right off it was two elderly women and their windshield was in ruins (massive shattering). I went to the driver’s side window and said “are you ladies alright?”. The first thing out of their mouths?

“You’re going to have to pay for this!” (Said rather rudely at that.)

“Are you both ok?”

“No, we’re not ok! We’re covered in glass! You’re going to have to pay for this!”

Oh good grief! I told them I was going to call the police and check my tire to make sure it wasn’t going flat, and that I’d be right back. Fast forward an hour and we’re finally all ready to leave. The police officer explained to the women that no, my insurance would not be responsible for fixing their car because the road debris was not my fault. The passenger in the car was bound and determined to make me at fault. She even tried to tell the officer I cut them off, to which he replied “no, I don’t believe she did”. Oh the drama. I’m just glad no one got hurt and amazingly enough my car suffered zero damage.

I will say this, the driver of the other car had called her two sons, who showed up at the scene. Both of them thanked me several times for even stopping to see if they were ok, because most people wouldn’t have stopped.

Ok, on to the deals. I only hit up HyVee and Price Chopper this week. I had grand plans of getting to Hen House during my “break” on Thursday, but considering only one child went to preschool that day and the other two were home sick, it just didn’t happen. Here are the deals from each store…

HyVee: Jack’s Frozen Pizza (2) @ $1.99 each, plus a coupon for .55 off one, Campbell’s Chunky Soups (2 cans) @ .99 each, plus a coupon for $1 off 2 bringing them to .50 each, HyVee Corn Tortillas @ .99, Ken’s Honey Mustard for .88 after sale and coupon, a Sierra Mist Cranberry 20oz bottle, 2 pound bag of baby carrots for $1.88, Organic Red Grapes for $1.98 lb (marked down from $3.64 a pound) and a Smart Chicken whole chicken at $1.48 a pound. Total @ HyVee: $21.61

Price Chopper: 2 dozen eggs @ .59 each (limit 2), Home Pride Wheat Bread @ .49 (limit 1), Peanut Butter @ $1.29, Post Honeycomb Cereal @ $1.49, Post Pebbles Cereal @ $.74 after sale and coupon, 3.5 pounds of Gala Apples @ $1 lb, 4 pounds of bananas @ .39 lb. Total @ Price Chopper:$10.55

I’ll be making another stop at PC today or tomorrow to pick up more eggs and also see if I can find a PC with Wisk Laundry Detergent in stock. With my coupon that expires tomorrow, a big bottle will only be $.99!

Total Before Sales, Tax and Coupons: $61.03

Total After Sales and Coupons: $30.80

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  • Melinda Weissman

    Glad you were ok. I thought you were going to say they were nuns in the car behind you! LOLReplyCancel

    • LOL! Nuns would have been an interesting twist! Hopefully they would have been more gracious 😉ReplyCancel

  • Nellie Bragg

    Helen, thank goodness everyone is fine! What an adventure, to be sure!

    Just want to add that I continue to check your blog daily and am thrilled with the “coming attraction!”:)

    Nellie BraggReplyCancel