Saturday Savings

Yesterday was a family shopping kind of day. The boys and Nick joined me at HyVee in the morning and then Sam’s Club in the afternoon. I want to try to make it to Hen House sometime this weekend as well, but we’ll see if it happens. Between HyVee and our monthly trip to Sam’s, we spent $73.07 on everything in the two pictures below.


Pink Lady Apples (2.75 pounds), Dole Bagged Salad (2 bags), Baby Carrots (2 bags), French’s Taco Seasoning (3 packets), Peter Pan Peanut Butter (2 jars), HyVee Hamburger Buns, HyVee Olive Oil, Keebler Multi Pack Snack Box, Cheez-Its (2 boxes), Ritz Munchables, Arm & Hammer Gel Laundry Detergent, Butter, Frozen boxed spinach (2 boxes), Sara Lee Bread (2 loaves), Dried Black Beans, Dried Red Beans, Natural Chicken Legs (2.5 pounds), HyVee Take and Bake Pizza and half gallon of chocolate milk.

Sam’s Club:

1% Milk (3 gallons), eggs (2 -18 packs), Apple Juice, Bananas (3 pounds), French Toast Sticks, Pickles, Animal Crackers.

The Deals: Milk is still cheapest at Sam’s at $2.49 a gallon, so for now we’ll continue to stop in there once a week for just milk (and yes, we’ve gotten good at only buying milk). The eggs weren’t a spectacular deal, but they were better priced than HyVee’s eggs (they wanted $1.76 a dozen). Same with the bananas, which worked out to .49 a pound at Sam’s. Apple Juice, French Toast Sticks and Animal Crackers are things we often buy every month at Sam’s. The pickles were a splurge because as cliche as it sounds, this pregnant lady is loving pickles right now! Well, and so are the boys… but really I needed the really huge jar because I was tired of going for a pickle only to find one of the munchkins had stolen the last one. Plus, these pickles were about half the price (per ounce) as the pickles I’ve been buying on sale lately!

HyVee had some good deals and some just-alright deals this week. Some of the just-alright deals that I had to take advantage of (because we were running low at home and our home, or more specifically my husband, can’t survive without these items) was Peter Pan peanut butter for $1.50 a jar, Sara Lee bread for .98 (limit two) and Pink Lady apples for .99 a pound. The take and bake pizza was also a splurge at $5 as was the chocolate milk for $1.48. I had a $6 off my purchase coupon that I earned last week, so I knew I could handle a couple of these splurges.

The great deals at HyVee included the Arm & Hammer Detergent for $1.99 (75% off), the Ritz Munchables for .99 (74% off), the Cheez-Its for $1 each (67% off), the Keebler Multi-Pack box for $2 (67% off), the taco seasonings for .34 each (70% off) and the Dole Salads for $1.25 each (62% off). I’d say we’re set on snacks for a while!

Total at HyVee before Sales, Coupons and Tax: $80.63

Total at HyVee after Sales and Coupons: $33.30 – 60% savings at HyVee

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  • Just clicked on your blog from Lani’s (I think 🙂 and wanted to say hello. I love reading about triplets- I’m a 25 yr old triplet (gbg 🙂 and we are as different as night and day. Anyway, you did an awesome job on your shopping trip!ReplyCancel

  • Good work on your shopping trips! We don’t have HyVee in the area that I live…but based on the deals you post, I sure wish we had one close by!ReplyCancel

  • Jessica Griffiths

    I like reading about your shopping trips. I think I need to check the price of milk at Costco (I don’t have a Sam’s card)…I got milk for $1.99 all summer on Tuesday’s at Hy-Vee. Now that deal is over and the thought of paying full price for milk is a bummer. You should go to Hen House…cheap/free canned stuff 🙂ReplyCancel