Saturday Savings

It was a good week of shopping here in KC, but I’m most excited about a purchase I’ll be making later on today. More about that later!

Here’s what $49 will buy you this week.

Whole Milk – 4 gallons
Fat Free Milk – 1 gallon
String Cheese – 12 pack

Flour Tortillas

Bananas – 3.25 pounds

Bread – 2 loaves
Eggs – 1 dozen
Wishbone Salad Dressing – 2 bottles

Wishbone Salad Spritzers – 1 bottle
Pasta – 2 one pound bags
Gala apples – 3 pounds
Grapes – 2.45 pounds

Deli Ham – 1 pound
Flour – 5 pound bag

Hunts Ketchup
Manwich Sloppy Joe Sauce – 2 cans
Saltine Crackers
Kraft Mac & Cheese – 4 boxes
Minute Rice – 1 box
Chicken Nuggets – 2 packages

Nectarines – 2 pounds
Split Chicken Breast – 3.58 pounds

Total Before sales, coupons & taxes: $81.88
Total After sales & coupons: $46.68

The deals: So my biggest and most exciting deal will be purchased later on today. There is a store here that I rarely shop at because their prices are routinely higher than the competitors. However, it was brought to my attention recently that this store doubles coupons up to .50 which is something no other store in our area does. I’ve been anxiously awaiting a sale worthy of my coupons and it finally has happened! Tonight I will venture to Hen House and buy 7 cans of Pillsbury products (1 biscuit, 2 crescent rolls, 2 cinnamon rolls, 2 pizza dough rolls) and pay less than $2! Normally all 7 of those cans would run me over $12. Understand my excitement now?

I had a few other decent finds in the produce sections – bananas for .45 a pound, grapes and nectarines for .99 a pound and gala apples for .83 a pound. None of my other deals compares to the excitement of the Pillsbury deal! I will say this though, I’m so pleased to see the price of milk coming down. When you’re buying 4-5 gallons a week that .25 a gallon savings really adds up.

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