Saturday Savings

Sorry this post is a little later than usual! We decided to head out early this morning and enjoy an early opening of the zoo for members only. I almost bailed on posting at all today, but knew I couldn’t skip out on you all two weeks in a row. That being said, this post will be a little different – I don’t have exact totals and I don’t have a picture this week! Why? Because when I got my groceries home yesterday I had to hurry up and put them away before cold stuff got any warmer. Then, last night, my over zealous husband entered all our receipts into the budget and he then tossed said receipts before I could total things up officially.

From what I can remember, here’s what I bought and where…


Eggs – 4 dozen (on sale for .69 a dozen this week)

Green Grapes – 2 pounds (for $1.48)


Dole Iceberg Lettuce – 2 heads (.38 each)

Fresh Green Beans – 1.5 pounds (.99 pound)

Lemons – 3 (3/$1)

Braeburn Apples – 4 pounds (.88 pound)

StarKist Chunk Light Tuna – 1 can (.39 limit 1)

HyVee Mac & Cheese – 2 boxes (.19 each, limit 2)

Barilla Pasta – 1 box (.88, limit 1)

Prego Pasta Sauce – 2 jars (.99, limit 2)

Kraft BBQ Sauce – 1 bottle (.69, limit 1)

HyVee Pickles – 1 jar ($1.50)

Skippy PB – 2 jars (.99, limit 2)

Apple Juice – 1 bottle (.88, limit 1)

C&H Sugar – 4 pound bag ($1.48, limit 1)

Crayola Crayons, 24 ct – 3 boxes (.19 each)

HyVee American Cheese – 2 (.99 each)

Snuggle Fabric Softener, 120 load – 1 bottle ($7.77 rain check from last week)

Price Chopper:

Cantaloupe – 2 (.99 each)

Kraft Mac & Cheese – 4 boxes (.49 each, limit 4)

Musselman’s Apple Sauce Cups – 2 (.79 each)

Juicy Juice drink boxes, 8ct – 2 packages (2/$4)

Banquet Sausage – 2 boxes (.79 each)

Stouffer’s Corner Bistro Sandwich – $2

Red Barron Pizza Singles – 2 boxes ($2.50 each)

Red Barron Pizza by the slice – 2 boxes ($2.50 each)

Yoplait Splitz 4ct – 3 boxes ($2.39 each)

Sam’s Club:

1% hormone free milk – 3 gallons ($2.53 each)

Coupon Deals: Extra coupon deals made the pizza’s from PC $1.50 to $2 each and the Bistro Sandwich only $1. The Juicy Juice ended up at $1.50 a package after coupon. Most importantly though, the three packages of Yoplait Splitz were all free, thanks to the Price Chopper Kids Club! At Price Chopper, my receipt showed 61% savings, which makes two weeks in a row I’ve saved 60% or just over that at PC alone.

Most of the HyVee deals involved using coupons from their two week flier. I did have a few of my own though to sweeten some deals. The Snuggle was a rain check from last week, so combining the $7.77 price with my $2 coupon brought the 120 load bottle down to $5.77! I had one Skippy PB coupon for .50, which brought one of the jars down to .49.

Over all, I spent about $60 yesterday between all 4 stores and last week I spent about the same, so I’m right on track for this month so far!

Now, I want to give you all a heads up on something I absolutely LOVE online. SwagBucks! I’ve talked about SwagBucks before on here, but wanted to let you know that everyone who signs up for SwagBucks by tomorrow can start out with 70 SB’s in their account! It’s a nice little jump start towards earning gift cards, items and even cash.

When you do searches through the SwagBucks website, tool bar or search bar (I have my FF search bar set to SwagBucks) you can earn SB’s at random times. Build up a nice stash of those and then cash them in for prizes! I’ve been doing SwagBucks for a little over a year now and look at what I’ve earned so far: Prepaid $10 Mastercard (2 of ’em), $10 Starbucks card, $45 in cash via PayPal, a $50 gift card and a $20 gift card. Not bad, huh? I’m now in the process of saving up for bunches of gift cards to use for Christmas shopping.

Ready to sign up? Just click on the box below and when you register enter the code BackToSchool and you’ll start off with 70 SwagBucks!

Search & Win

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