Saturday Savings

It was another great week at HyVee thanks to their giant coupon book of deals that were good for the past two weeks. Everything you see below ran me just $41.37. You’ll notice there’s no milk pictured below, and that’s because we made a separate stop at Sam’s Club for that (their milk is averaging nearly $1 a gallon less right now!). Between the Sam’s Club stop and a second stop at Price Chopper (for an item the first one was sold out of), add another $10 or so  to the total.


Eggs – 4.5 dozen (18 eggs per carton – 3 cartons)

Earthgrains Bread – 2 loaves

HyVee Cottage Wheat Bread – 3 loaves

Frosted Mini Wheats – 2 boxes

HyVee Ranch Dressing

HyVee Hot Dog Buns

HyVee Tortilla Chips

Farmland Jumbo Hot Dogs

Oscar Meyer Lunchables – 6

Mission Tortillas

Blueberries – 1 pint

Broccoli – 1 bunch

Yellow Onions – 3 pounds

Iceberg Lettuce


Peaches – 3.13 pounds

Green Grapes – 3 pounds

Price Chopper:

Crush Orange Soda – 3 bottles

Blue Bunny Ice Cream – 2

Ice Cream Cones

Charmin 9 roll count

The Deals: To see some of the great HyVee deals you can click on over to last week’s post. “New” deals this week though included peaches for .99 a pound (67% off), grapes for .89 a pound (55% off), HyVee Cottage bread for .99 (37% off), Lunchables for .88 each (60% off) and the eggs (18 ct cartons) for $1.38 each (41% off).

At Price Chopper the Crush soda was free, thanks to the Kids Club! Those bottles will come in mighty handy at the boys’ birthday party next month. Price Chopper also has a great deal on Blue Bunny ice cream right now – $1.48 a box (63% off). I also picked up some Charmin for $2.88 thanks to a $1 off coupon I got in the mail a week or so ago. Later today I’m going to swing by one more PC to see if I can get a box of Cinnabon cereal for .88; the first two PC’s I’ve visited have been sold out.

Total Before Sales, Tax and Coupons: $87.37

Total After Sales and Coupons: $39.22

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  • brittany

    $1 for milk wow that is great. I thought I got a good deal at the commisary for 2 but 1 that is just amazing to me. I have heard they have free membership for military now I really need to check that out.ReplyCancel