Saturday Savings

Last week I never got around to doing any grocery shopping, which meant I was in trouble by the time the middle of this week rolled around. Some “staples” I just can’t stock up on due to space limitations here, so I almost always have to shop once a week, but sometimes can stretch it a week and a half like I did this past week.

Wednesday evening I made a quick run to Price Chopper for some eggs, bananas, carrots and some of the snack type stuff they had on sale (crackers). Thursday morning the boys and I hit up Target for some cheap taco shells (thanks to a sale and a coupon you can print on the Ortega website right now) and grapes as well as a few other household things we needed. We also swung by Hen House for some free-range, locally raised chicken, local milk (nothing like “voting” for local food by spending your money on it!), granola bars, and something else but I’m blanking on what right now. Between those three mini-trips I spent about $35.

Yesterday I headed to HyVee where I was thrilled with the amount of stuff on sale! Even better is that most of this stuff will be on sale next week too (just pick up an extra coupon book at the customer service desk). Everything you see below came from HyVee and was $48.31.

The Loot:
Eggs – 2 dozen
Yoplait Simply Yogurt Go-Gurt – 2 boxes
Fuel Injector Cleaner (random, I know)
Iceberg lettuce
Earthgrains 100% Whole Wheat Bread – 2 loaves
Total Cereal – 2 boxes
HyVee Pudding – 2 boxes
HyVee Jello – 2 boxes
HyVee Tortillas
HyVee Hamburger Buns
Sparkling, Flavored Water – 2 bottles
HyVee Taco Seasoning – 2 packages
White Bread
HyVee Tortilla Chips
Sunbelt Granola – 1 box
Era Laundry Detergent
Yukon Gold Potatoes – 4.64 pounds
Blueberries – 1 pint
Broccoli bunch
Green Peppers – 2
Pink Lady Apples – 3 pounds
Vine Ripened Tomatoes – 1.45 pounds
Smart Chicken (all natural chicken) – 4 pounds

The Deals: So obviously a lot of the best deals this week are for store brand items. It’s not often my cart is so full of store brand things! The tortillas were $1, the taco seasoning packets were .34 each, the tortilla chips were .78, the hamburger buns were .69 and the pudding and jello mixes were .25 each. Produce also had a lot of really nice bargains! Iceberg lettuce was .49, tomatoes were .98 a pound, green peppers were 2/$1, broccoli bunches were .99 each, the potatoes were .77 a pound and the blueberries were .88 after my coupon. The Total Cereal ended up being between .92 and .67 a box thanks to a coupon I had with me and a coupon that was on some of the boxes. The granola was $1.45 a box.

Some of my purchases (apples, eggs, Earthgrains bread to name a few) weren’t rock-bottom prices, but they were low enough that I felt I could “splurge” a bit on them.

Total Before Sales, Tax and Coupons: $92.96
Total After Sales and Coupons: $45.69

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