Saturday Savings

You know you’ve come across a good deal when the cashier tries to tell you you can’t walk out of the store without paying for 2 bottles of dressing, and then gives you a dirty look when a more experienced cashier says “yes, she can”. Love it! More about that in a a minute. First, take a look at what $41.67 can buy you. (2 bottles of Ken’s Dressing not pictured.)

(Note, the kitty was not purchased yesterday – Nick just thought it would be funny to have it in the picture)
Hen House:
Cottonelle Toilet Paper
Bananas – 1.77 lbs
Dannon Yogurt – 10 cups
Yoplait Go-Gurt – 2 boxes
Hidden Valley Salad Dressing
Whole Wheat Bread
Egg Noodles – 2 bags
Arm & Hammer Laundry Gel
Eat Smart Veggie Crisps
Dubuque All Beef Hot Dogs
Price Chopper:
1% Milk – 2 gallons
Tony’s Crispy Crust Pizzas – 2
Kellogg’s Cereals – 4 boxes
Peanut Butter
Miracle Whip
Carmel Bugles
Fruit Snacks – 2 boxes
Ken’s Salad Dressing – 2 bottles
The Doubtful Cashier: Yesterday when I was shopping in Price Chopper I noticed they were a Cosentino’s Price Chopper (which is having anniversary specials) and that Ken’s Salad Dressings were on sale there. Darn! I hadn’t yet added my coupons from last Sunday’s paper to my organizer, so didn’t have the 2 $1 off coupons with me. I made a mental note to make sure to bring those coupons with me next time I was near that Price Chopper, and that happened later that day. The dressings were on sale for .99 each. I had two coupons good for $1 off one bottle. I grabbed the two bottles I wanted and walked up to the check out. The cashier scanned both and then I proudly handed her my two coupons. Here’s what happened….
Cashier: “You can’t use two of the same coupons in one transaction.”
Me: “Since when? I know some stores have an internet coupon rule like that, but I’ve never had problems before using more than one regular coupon at a time.”
Cashier to other cashier: “She can’t use more than one of these in a trip, right?”
Other cashier: “Did she buy two items?”
Cashier: “Yes.”
Other cashier: “Then it’s fine.”
Cashier looks at her screen, then back at other cashier: “Even if it will make it free?”
Other cashier: “Yep.”
Cashier shoots me a dirty look, then looks back at her screen. She enters the coupons, sighs loudly and hollers back to the other cashier “I don’t know how to cash this out! Her total due is zero. This just doesn’t seem right.”
The other cashier told her just to enter that I gave her zero and it would be fine. When my cashier handed me my receipt she gave me a dirty look. You’d think I was stealing from her paycheck or something!
The Deals: You already heard about my free salad dressing, but here are the other deals I snagged at Price Chopper. I paid .38 for the two Tony’s Pizzas, which are the perfect size for the boys to split for lunch. The Kellogg’s cereals ranged between $1.75 and $1.15 with sales and coupons. I had some nice coupons ($1 off one or $1 off 2) that I got in a couple of boxes of cereal a month or two ago. When I bought cereal yesterday I noticed some of the boxes include more coupons, so I made sure to buy those. The fresh pineapple was $1.89 and the Miracle Whip and Bugles were clearance cart finds!
At HyVee I did some serious yogurt stocking up. The boys love yogurt, so it can be tough to keep it in the house for long! I paid .20 each for the Dannon cups thanks to a coupon and sale and I paid $1.50 for the boxes of go-gurt (which I now buy the “simply go-gurt” that contains none of that artificial flavoring or HFCS junk) which is 50% off. The Hidden Valley dressing was .77 and the Arm & Hammer Gel was $1.99 (75% off).
At Hen House I wasn’t able to take advantage of all the deals I wanted to, due to their being out of stock of one of the sale items. I got a rain check for the 14oz box of Cheerios they have on sale and will go back next week with my coupons and snag 2 boxes for .68 each. I did pick up the Cottonelle for $4.88 though, which is a nice deal. And the bananas were .38 a pound.
It should also be noted that at Price Chopper I received a coupon for $3 off my next shopping trip because of all the boxes of cereal I bought. Sadly yesterday was the last day to earn those.
Total Before Sales, Tax and Coupons: $95.06
Total After Sales and Coupons: $39.56 – 58% off!

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  • Renee Claycamp

    There must have been something in the air with cashiers and coupons! I did all my shopping last night and hit PC, HH and Hy Vee. The cashier at PC was less than helpful! I had snagged some coupons at the front of the store and when I got to the counter asked if they had to be cut out. At Hy Vee they don't! Of course this lady says she needs the individual coupons. I'm trying to rip them out while people are waiting behind me. Oy! I ended up ripping one in half and the boy bagging my groceries helped me and got it for me. All the while Sally the cashier was giving me dirty looks. Oy!

    Then I had an issue at Hy Vee, too! I was less than pleased when re-checking my receipt and I'm pretty sure I didn't get my FREE Uncel Ben's rice. I wouldn't have paid $2.35 for it! Sheesh!ReplyCancel

  • Brenda B.

    Too funny about the salad dressing exchange!ReplyCancel

  • Anonymous

    she's just upset cause she isn't as good at shopping as you! jealousy is a terrible thing.ReplyCancel