Saturday Savings

I usually do my grocery shopping on Friday, that way I can get my Saturday Savings post all typed up and ready to publish Saturday morning. Yesterday I still was feeling kind of blah after the loveliness of Thursday night, so Nick insisted on making the grocery store run. We didn’t have much in the way of nutritious foods in the house, let alone anything that sounded good to those of us who had just been sick.

This is when my subscription to The Grocery Game comes in super handy. In about 10 minutes I was able to make and print off lists for two stores, pull all the coupons and show Nick how the list works. He opted to shop just one of the stores and leave the second for me (to be done later today) and I was fine with that. He went to Price Chopper, got all the items on my list, used my coupons and picked up some “extras” that weren’t on the list but were needed (bread, milk, more ginger ale, gatorade, saltines, etc) and still saved 50%!

Sure The Grocery Game costs money ($15 every 2 months for the stores I “buy” lists for), but it’s been a huge money saver for me. I’m perfectly capable of going over the fliers and various websites that post deals, but it takes way longer than The Grocery Game does. I do still do things the “old fashioned” way for Hen House and Whole Foods, but that’s time consuming enough for me. My time is limited with all that I try to do, so if I can pay a small fee to be able to just pull down my grocery list and be off to the store, or send my husband to do it for me, then sign me up!

If not for my Grocery Game subscription yesterday, I would have ended up just glancing at the flier (maybe), making a hurried list, not cross checking all of my coupons and sending Nick off to the store. Sure, he would have still saved some, but not 50%! And he probably would have spent far more than the $42 he spent (which included some great produce and meat).

If your time is limited or you’re just overwhelmed by trying to figure out how to match up your coupons, when a price is at rock bottom or when it’s just a mediocre sale, then I highly recommend you check out the Grocery Game. You can try it for a month for free! If you do give it a shot, I’d appreciate it if you said I referred you… I can earn free months that way, and so can you if you refer others. The e-mail address to put for my referral is discjockyehelen at yahoo dot com.

Seriously. Try it. You’ll love the convenience and the savings. The Grocery Game.

Oh and one more thing for my coupon loving friends! The Grocery Game just came out with a fun new coupon center and you do not need to be a member to use it. On the coupon center you can run searches for certain brands, grocery items, etc. Included on the list are both internet coupons you can print and lists telling you if there have been coupons in the newspaper recently for those products. It’s come in quite handy!

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