Saturday Savings

Last weekend I had the privilege of going to Baltimore, MD for the wedding of a college friend and roommate, which is why there was no Saturday Savings post. This did not mean I didn’t shop at all last weekend though. I actually scored big time at HyVee on Sunday afternoon when I bought $75 worth of stuff for $35! This week was another high dollar week for not a lot of money out of my own pocket. Everything you see below cost $43.

Price Chopper:
Cinnamon Toast Crunch
Crest Toothpaste
Dawn Dishsoap
Musselman’s Apple Sauce – 2 jars
Old Orchard 100% Apple Juice – 3 bottles
Cheese Nips Crackers – 2 boxes
Diet Coke
Frozen Veggies – 4 bags
V-8 Fusion Juice – 2 bottles
Grimmway Farms Baby Carrots – 4 bags
Bagged Lettuce – 2 bags
Kiwi – 5
Red Seedless Grapes – 2.07 pounds
2% Milk – 2 gallons (The hormone free signs have finally appeared in the MO Aldi’s!)
Bananas – 3 pounds
Hen House:
Lysol Toilet Cleaner – 2 bottles
Lysol All Purpose cleaner – 2 bottles
Skim Milk 1/2 gallon
Land O’Lakes Omega 3 Eggs – 1 dozen
Cucumber – 2
Nature’s Source Shout Spray
The Deals: I stocked up on some cleaners at Hen House thanks to some coupons and sales. The Lysol was all .98 each and the “Natural” Shout was $1. At HyVee I snagged frozen veggies for .77 each, the baby carrots for .75 each and the V-8 Fusion Juice for $1.75 each. At Price Chopper I picked up a damaged box of Cinnamon Toast crunch in the clearance section. I also bought the Crest toothpaste for .25, the dish soap for .75, the Cheese Nips for .50 each, the apple juice for .99 each and the apple sauce for $1 each. 
Total Before Sales, Tax and Coupons: $83.47
Total After Sales and Coupons: $39.70 – 52% savings

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