Saturday Savings

What a day of shopping! Thanks to some great deals at HyVee (one of which was a Friday the 13th sale) I did some massive stocking up. I guess I was due for a great stock up week though considering I spent less than $30 last week. Later today I’ll swing by my favorite Aldi for super cheap milk and bananas. Everything you see below cost me $72.15

Roberts OJ – 2 half gallons
Deli Turkey – 1 pound
Rubbermaid Storage Containers – 4 pack
Midwest Country Fair Sugar – 4 pound bag
Crisco Canola Oil
Chocolate Chex
Corn Chex
Hungry Jack Pancake Mix – 2 boxes
HyVee Chunk Pineapple – 3 cans
Pillsbury Frosting – 2 cans
Pillsbury Cake Mix – 1 box
Pillsbury Brownie Mix – 2 boxes
HyVee Rice Krispies
Smuckers Jam and Jelly – 2 jars
Nestle Tollhouse Morsels – 1 bag
HyVee Dental Floss – 2
Jennie O Whole Turkey – 11.65 pounds
HyVee Shredded Cheese – 5 bags
Bartlett Pears – 2.89 pounds
DiLusso Salads – 2
Hormel Boneless Whole Ham – 6.18 pounds
Price Chopper:
Land O Lakes Spreadable Butter
McCormicks Ground Cinnamon
Schubert Frozen Yeast Rolls
Marshmallow Fluff – 2 jars
Armour Sliced Pepperoni
Oranges – 4 pounds
The Deals: At HyVee I made out like a bandit, buying $118 worth of stuff for only $55! As part of their Friday the 13th sale they had shredded cheese for $1 a bag (47% off) and Dilusso Salads were BOGO at $3.99 each (67% off). Other awesome deals included buying 10 products from a certain page in their flier and saving an extra $5. When combining that coupon with a bunch of other coupons I had I got the following: Smucker’s Jams and Jellies for $1.50 each (54% off), Pillsbury Frosting for .50 each (72% off), Pillsbury Brownie Mix for .50 each (79% off) and Pillsbury Cake mix for .39 each (72% off). While at HyVee I also snagged the 4 pack of Rubbermaid Storage for $1.08. They also have a nice coupon in their flier right now for buy one whole Hormel Ham and get a Jennie O Whole Turkey for free! I spent $18.48 on the ham and got the turkey ($14.74) for free saving me 55% over all between the two.
Price Chopper didn’t offer a lot in the way of exciting deals this week, but they did have a few that are note worthy. Through today only, Best Choice Flour is on sale for .99 per 5 pound bag and the best part – there’s no limit! Usually when a store has .99 flour they limit it to 1 or 2 per customer. I snagged 4 and wish I had room for more, but I just don’t. Still, 20 pounds of flour should last me a while. Also at PC, Navel Oranges in a 4 pound bag are $1.99 (50% off) and the Land O’Lakes Spreadable Butter is $1.29 with coupon (68% off).
I did buy 3 items at full price, which hurt my overall percentage off but I’m still thrilled with the bargains I found! Normally I don’t buy so many baking mixes (or premade frosting) but when they’re only .50 each or less then I’ll gladly pick some up to have on hand when I’m under a time crunch and need to take a treat somewhere!
Total Before Sales, Tax and Coupons: $143.40
Total After Sales and Coupons: $68.65 – 53% savings

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